Bticino fc80gt

Hi there, this is my first post and I’m a newbie on openhab. Is there any binding compatibility with the Bticino fc80gt device? Both OpenWebNet (BTicino/Legrand) Binding and BTicinoSmarther Binding seem not to support this kind of device. Anyone experienced with it? Thank you in advance.

Hallo Giovanni and welcome to the community.
The device you refer to is part of the new Living Now series by BTicino, not compatible with the OpenWebNet protocol, this is why the OpenWebNet (BTicino/Legrand) binding does not support it.

There was an initial idea to support the “Works with Legrand” API, thus the mentioned FC80GT gateway, by a new binding for openHAB here:

Hi Massimo, thank you very much for your suggestion. i will follow up the situation about that binding.