[BTicino/OpenWebNet] New openHAB2 binding ready for testing

setup the 2.5.11 , then all of my F521 aren not initialized :
OpenWebNet BUS/SCS Energy Management Central Unit. BTicino models: F521 .
back to 2.5.10.jar all run fine

Lights ,Dimmers look ok

Energy Management is not supported by official v2.5.10-11, see: https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/openwebnet/.
And it will never be: at this point new features for the official openwebnet binding are only possibile to be added in OH v3.0.x.
You can vote in the polls if you are interested, and add a new issue for this here

Thanks massi , i allready vote, again thanks for your great job , if i can help…i do , i’m not sure to have enough skill actually but ! if you need

so… i’m lucky about Energy working during 2 years now… outch :slight_smile:

No, you are not lucky: you are just using the old unofficial (beta/testing) version of the binding. Read here, and here

thanks is more clear to me now

I took the survey a few days ago. Could you help me with configuring the shutters on alexa?

This is off topic here: try searching on the community for questions about Alexa and shutters. Moreover I do not have experience with the new Alexa v3 skill and shutters metadata.

Ok thank

Hi all I’m trying to migrate to OH3. I installed today the last version but the binding is not installing.
With the previous the released functions was ok.

Maybe I’m making something wrong??

thank you for your suggestions

you mean with 3.0.0.M5 the binding installed correctly?
Anything in the logs?

RC2 now is working! thank you!

Hi @massi and thanks for the work on OH3. i do not have time to help with development and testing, but time is money and can be so vice versa. Care to publish some donate page where we could support you with CC/crypto? Thanks!

This is a good idea, specially to attract other developers that can contribute to the binding and lib. Will setup something and let you know!

I completely agree! I think would be a good pushing element for the development of the new binding! Let us now!

I installed OH 2.5.11and the latest unofficial jar file. All good. I am playing around with OH3 and the official binding on a test test up, so early days yet.

For the latest unofficial jar the sporadic random gateway connection errors I used to see and detect are no longer in the logs. So, I guess you fixed the non standard nonce handshake issue. :slightly_smiling_face: Thx.

edit… I guess I had a run off luck because soon after I posted this I saw this my logs

this has been fixed in official 2.5.11 and 3.0.0. Not in the unofficial jar.

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Hello massi,
any news for WHO=4 Thermoregulation in openHab 3.0?

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a basic support (no Central Unit) of WHO=4 is work in progress, but I have no target release yet: In any case it will be released as 3.1.0.M?, unfortunately 2.5.x cannot be improved with new features.

Hallo OH OpenWebNet users.
I encourage everyone who has not done yet to answer the polls here.
It’s your opportunity to prioritize (but not guarantee!) new features support for the next 6-9 months.
@m4rk, @bastler, @gozilla01, @enrico.mcc, @k0nti, @llegovich, @gabriele.daltoe, @feodor : as previously active participants I guess you have already answered the poll?

I will close the polls at >50 participants: I am bit surprised as I thought there were many more users, are we really less than 50 here??? Do not think so! So come on! express what is important for you!

Also I encourage everyone who has the time in these lockdown days and have the expertise to install OH 3.0, just released (maybe on a testing device/docker). OH3 requires some learning curve, but the MainUI has a lot of interesting new features and in any case this is the future for OH and for this binding.
It is always important to have your feedback to check everything works as expected.

As final note I will soon clean and then move the old issues for the testing binding to the official issues for OH.