[BTicino/OpenWebNet] New openHAB2 binding ready for testing

any news on the CEN/CEN+ support for the OH3 binding?
stick to OH2.5 latest binding version, but getting since a few days strange

2021-09-15 12:35:11.653 [WARN ] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus       ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## ...re-connect FAILED. Exception: Connection refused (Connection refused)

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Hi Mark, tnx for your solution.
I’ve continuously same issue (casual disconnections).
I use openhab v. 3.1.0 running on rpi 4.
Have You understood cause of the problem?



Hi, can you provide more information about the problem?
Which BTicino gateway are you using?
Can you share the (DEBUG level) log when the disconnection happens?
Which version of the OpenWebNet binding are you using? The one that comes officially with OH 3.1.0 ?

@massi any progress to test in CEN/CEN+?
I am running a MH202 and can test CEN/CEN+
using latest OH3 Version installed from gui - no disconnects noticed (only in OH2.5 HMAC disconnect issue; thats why switched to OH3, now very perfectly stable)


hallo, I created this new thread for those interested in helping testing CEN/CEN+ support that I am adding to the official OH3 binding:

Ciao Massi, i’m trying to test scenario with with address:

A: 9 PL: 5 with buttons: 1/2/3/4 (physical buttons) and from 5 to 16 only available virtual on LCD.

my question is, can i configure them (okay also in testing mode/snapshot) on your binding?
actually i’m running them on homebrige and are working, but i would like to remove homebrige and use only openhab to mange the entire home…

thanks a lot!

i try to answer:
of course, with the snapshot binding you can manage cen-commands now, just uninstall the original binding and install the snapshot as described

then add to your things-file a line like this for your cen-thing:

bus_cen_scenario_control      YourCenName            "cen label"              @ "Cen/CenPlus" [ where="95", buttons="1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16" ]

then you can trigger your dsl-rule with a command like this under “when”-condition

Channel "openwebnet:bus_cen_scenario_control:YourServer:YourCenName:button#1" triggered START_PRESSURE

but all this is also described detailed from massi in the “adding cen…” -topic :wink:

first, thanks for your reply, very clear!
i forgot to tell i’m running OH3, but i think the syntax/thing/rule are the same.

maybe i got it:

  - id: "1"
      event: SHORT_PRESSURE
      channelUID: openwebnet:bus_cen_scenario_control:48d56ba5f1:CEN_Scenes:button#4
    type: core.ChannelEventTrigger
conditions: []
  - inputs: {}
    id: "2"
      itemName: LifXBeam_Switch
      command: ON
    type: core.ItemCommandAction

is this okay to switch a light on? and to turn it off, i have to create another rule with off command? but same event?
it’s unclear what’s the difference for these triggers:



sorry i don´t use this kind of rules so i cannot tell if it works - but just try it to see

its just what the names suggest´, just imagine you have an physical switch on the wall:
START_PRESSURE is sent evey time you touch the switch
SHORT_PRESSURE is sent if you press the switch shorter than 0,5sec (sent at the moment when you release)
EXTENDED_PRESSURE is sent if you keep the switch pressed longer than 0,5 sec, will continuosly be sent again as long as you hold presse (good for dimming rules)
RELEASE_EXTENDED_PRESSURE is sent when you release the switch after having it pressed longer than 0,5 sec before
depending on what you want to realize one or another command can be better, especially when you want to use one switch for more than one action

ok i will give a try. thanks for all!


I have been busy for the last year but am now starting to get back into this. I have OH3.0.0 installed on a test PI but not touched if for nearly a year. Is this still the correct thread for OH3 version of this binding? If so, the title needs changing.

Probably I forgot a lot and will be rusty for a while. Back to noobie for a while too.

When I left it all that I was missing was CEN and the remotewireless temperature probe both of which worked in OH2.

What’s the current status of CEN, CENplus integration, temperature proble and how to test?.. Uninstallthe official binding and download jar file? … from where?

Cheers Mark

Hi Mark,
The official thread for new features (like termoregulation and energy management) on OH3 binding is here:

Here you can find a dedicated thread for CEN/CEN+ support:

Thanks. I saw those but there was no general OH3 thread for the binding like we had for OH2. The binding info in OH3 includes links to the community.

So, I created one

For those interested in testing DryContact + IR interface support, I released an alpha version.
See here for more information:

Thanks Massi for the great work on expanding this binding!
I don’t own any bticino sensor but appreciate the effort :smiley:

Hi There,
I’m running OH3.2 and my active power readings are every 30 secs. Any chance to get more frequent readings?
Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I’ve been out for a while and searched the forum for news on this topic without success.

I think is the bticino meter itself that “publish” the power measurament every 30 sec.
Did you check in the bticino app how often it’s updated?

In myhomeUp I see it’s updated usually every 30 sec, sometimes less but rarely

@llegovich it’s not possible to set more frequent readings.

I think is the bticino meter itself that “publish” the power measurament every 30 sec.

@enrico.mcc you’re right

In reality, the meter publishes every 30sec but there is also a way to “ask” for a reading, but this would require to implement a polling mechanism in the binding which I don’t know if it has been implemented.
The issue with 30sec readings is that if you want to switch off any devices when the power consumption is too high, you usually need to react fast (in Italy you need to ensure that the avg consumption in the last 2 mins is below a specific threshold, otherwise your power is going to be cut off). And you also need not to be over-reacting so you need to pick few readings and react on the avg rather than react on just one reading.
In 2 mins you only have 4 readings, but in order to have an impact on avg power consumption you’d better react after just 1 min, so 2 readings only.

Polling could be done also by a script running out of the binding: the answers caused by the polling script would be read by the binding as they are shared events that the binding is already reading.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find a script which is able to interact with the OWN bus and can be run on my RBPI.