BTicino smarther thermostat

(twiggo) #1

Hi all do you know how can i integrate BTicino smarther thermostat in openhab?

There s some bindings or stuff like that… and idea??



(Rich Koshak) #2

Search is pretty helpful.

(twiggo) #3

Yes but noone says about this thermostat…only BTicino in general
Or never find something about…is it right? Do you have any idea?

(Rich Koshak) #4

Like it says in the documents:

Use 4 for the “who” field in the binding config for the Item to tell it you are controlling Temperature and it provides a link to the OpenWebNet documentation which tells you what to put into the “what” and “where” fields.

(twiggo) #5

Thanks rlkoshak.

In bindings says : Prerequisites
To access your Bticino My Home bus you need an IP gateway (like e.g. the MH200N, F453, F454)

I have no IP gateway…only thermostat, do you have an idea?

Thanks 4 your help!

(Rich Koshak) #6

You will have to purchase an IP gateway.

(Massi Ti) #7

Unfortunately in the official BTicino forum it is said that Smarther (product code X8000) does NOT support the OpenWebNet protocol, therefore apparently there is no way to integrate it with OpenHAB or anything else.
No Local or remote API are supported (at least officially…).
So buying an IP gateway from BTciino would not solve the problem.

(twiggo) #8

hi massi, really really thanks…

(Arnaud) #9

New website for developpers.

(twiggo) #10

So is it work without a gateway? Don’t understand…