BTicino Smarther thermostat binding

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Hello community,

Is anyone out there already working on a binding for BTicino Smarther Chronothermostat ?

I’m interested in contributing to existing projects or start building a new one. Searching in the community and on the Internet, it seems noone is actually working on that…

I’ve posted some personal progress here and saw the excellent work here from @massi.

Unfortunately, Smarther has its own set of API, maintained by Legrand - which currently offer no support for OWN protocol.

Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi @Mr_Ronfo,
what is your plan to use Smarther from openHAB?
It should be already possible to control from mobile apps (remotely) and to integrate it with Google Assistant and/or Alexa.

So what would be in your case the benefit of connecting the chronothermostat to openHAB ?

Hi @Mr_Ronfo are you still planning to work on a Smarther binding for OH2 ?

Hi @massi, sorry for the late reply here.
Yes still interested and started a first rough work on that, at least as POC to see if I have all the needed bits available (binding side KB I mean).

On your first reply: as many other devices, Smarther proprietary app and GA/Alexa skills are not so flexible when used standalone.
I’d like to integrate it in OH in order to have one single interface for home automation (personal goal), as well as to enable custom scenarios (e.g. window open > turn off heat, etc.).