Call to the Community: openHAB on Product Hunt

Hi, everyone.

I added openHAB to Product Hunt.

Check it out and leave your comments and reviews there.

Standard product page: openHAB - Product Information, Latest Updates, and Reviews 2024 | Product Hunt


Hello guys. Just a friendly reminder.

On Monday, the page will go public on Product Hunt so it would be nice to have more comments until then.

I added a comment :wink:

so did I

Thanks! On Monday we can upvote the platform.

Stay tuned!

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I couldn’t see your comment

@MDAR, I can’t see your comment either. Are you sure you submitted it?

Hi, everyone.

The platform is now live. Don’t forget to take a look and share your experience with OH (openHAB - Secure and free open-source home automation software | Product Hunt)!

@JimT @nelson.aponte

Very strange

I could have sworn I pressed Submit.

Oh well, it’s there now

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Added my comment.

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Thank you everyone for your support. Now you can add your reviews on the regular product page: openHAB - Product Information, Latest Updates, and Reviews 2024 | Product Hunt

Best Regards

First of all thanks for increasing openHAB‘s visibility!

I wonder where this information comes from:

openHAB tech stack
We’re aware of 2 technologies that openHAB is built with. openHAB utilizes products like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics in their tech stack

Because for the openHAB server, this is definitely not true. Neither the server nor the UI have any analytics tools integrated. For the Android app, this might be true, I don‘t know.

Hi, @florian-h05
They got it from the website.

Hmm okay.
This is still misleading, the website uses some analytics, yes, but openHAB itself does not collect any data.

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Added my comment and review

Awesome! Thanks.

This web site is a bit confusing.

All the “reviews” that were entered initially, went into the “Product launch” page, so they are not visible in the main product page. Right now the product page, which is the most visible page, only has 3 reviews.

I know :frowning: I didn’t like that, among other things.

Once I realized that, I had to send an update so everyone could re-post their reviews, but I agree it wasn’t clear that even those who had initially posted a review should do it again. My bad :frowning:

I really don’t like that they force you to use a login from another provider. But I went ahead and created an account and left a pro-tip and a review. Unfortunately I don’t see the pro-tip so I don’t know if it needs a review or messed something up.