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Hi all ,

i do not get updates from skoda anymore.
e.g. the skoda app but also the binding does not update the battery status.

i saw that the car indicates a software update but when i trigger the update a message is shown that there it is currently not possible to down load the update. So skoda seem to have bigger troubles currently.

anybody else facing same for other cars?

Hi all,

unfortunately the login via FordPass doesn’t seem to work any longer.

2022-09-19 09:01:11.103 [DEBUG] [nectedcar.internal.api.ApiHttpClient] - Ford: HTTP 400 Response: {"error_description":"CSIAQ0172E The grant type [password] is not supported. Supported grant types are [auth

In EVCC this was fixed with this PR: Ford: fix login by andig · Pull Request #3750 · evcc-io/evcc · GitHub

@markus7017 do you see a chance to fix the login for the Ford integration as well? I’d be happy to test it.

Thanks a lot and
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Did you try it by night? I had many Issues with first Login but found the tipp to try it near midnight, and booom, got it at first try. Same for updates (but the car takes care about that by itself…)

just installed the binding manually and the binding appeared in the bindings. But i get a COMMUNICATION_ERROR API call failed error.
I checked the Username and Password.

Does someone have an idea?
Thnx in advance

Which version of the binding did you use? Most recent of 2022-02-25 can be found here:


yes i use that version.
Do i need to configure something else? i just put in Login and Password into the Thing.

in the meantime i was able to update.
finally i also do get the status of the car in the binding…

New Channels for ME3.0 of Skoda Enyaq. First release, only stationary testing, changes to windows, lights, doors need testing.

Have fun :slight_smile:

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