Dash buttons forbidden (Germany only)?

For those in Germany who intend to use dash buttons in the future:

I just ordered a few to have some on stock :wink:

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Thanks for sharing!
Looks like i´m going to order some to have them in stock too :smile:

Hopefully they don’t have to quit the APP (or the function inside), too. You still need the APP configuring the button.
Important, if you have to change the battery, then you need the APP again.

I think I should replace all the batteries soon… :grinning:

That’s a valid point.
So maybe I should prepare them right after they arrived. :blush:

The judgement is not yet confirmed by higher levels though. So there is some more time left.

Actually it came true for worldwide availability of Dash buttons.

Amazon removed all dash buttons from their shops worldwide.

Fortunately I still have 4 spares. :blush:

See also

And / or make a backup of the current app APK (Android Package Kit).

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I configured my spares already for OH.
I don’t have a need for them yet :wink: