Design Pattern: Working with Groups in Rules

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(Jonathan) #101

I just uploaded some code to github that uses some of the techniques in this pattern.

I have temperature sensors and smart vents in a bunch of different rooms in my house, and I use this code to manage the smart vent states. I have it set up so that I can use the thermostat set point for heat/cool target or override the target temperature by room. It is also possible to turn individual room control on and off manually or via other external rules.

Just thought I’d share in case it’s useful to anybody else.

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(Michael) #102

Is there any solution to this problem with DateTime groups, @rlkoshak … 2 years later? :wink: According to the openHAB docs MIN/MAX should work on decimal types only.

Could you elaborate, @davorf?


(Rich Koshak) #103

The updates to the docs are the solution. This used to work in OH 1.8 but did what ever reason, they decided not to support DateTime any more. There were lots of bugs and changes necessary to the aggregation functions at that time which probably broke DateTime, and the fact it worked before that may have been a fluke.

I need to update the tutorial.

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