Designer with PaperUI


I’m getting in really with OpenHab2 by using PaperUI & HabPanel, but I struggle with the syntax for rules.
(I’m currently using a l lot of cutting and pasting from posts here, which are amazing)

There are lots of references to the SmartHome Designer :

Can anyone tell me if this is exclusively for Text file based configurations, or can I use it purely for rule creation / editing / checking?

You can use it- but its the same procedure. (Text files (with puzzle or images) but for special rules- you need your own text files)

Only an experimental tip: u can also use in the paperui- addons- misc- Rule Engine (Experimental).

it doesnt matter- which way u use- if you are beginner, you have to read and a lot of copy and paste.

good luck and a lot of fun with openhab!

For the current version of OPenHab, Instead of SmartHome Deisigner, use the VS Code extention.

This will help with text based rules creation.

If you are begining to write rules, I advise you to avoid the copying and pasting.
Just do the copying, by hand, line by line, the hard way, on the keyboard
I have found that it’s one of the best way to really understand the code, word by word
You will also get more familiar with the syntax that way

Please be aware that the current version of documentation resides under is deprecated and it’s strongly recommended not to use it any longer (except for very old installations)

In question of Smarthome Designer: this one is end-of-life.
Please use VSCode with openHAB plugin instead. Be aware that there is currently a bug, which prevents to open Paper UI or Basic/Classic UI via VSCode.

Tip: if you’re looking at older posts for code ideas, beware that there are some changes from old OH1 rules to OH2. Plus OH2 sometimes has new features that render some workarounds in OH1 rules unnecessary.
I’d be wary of posts (or web tutorials) from before 2017, say.

Thanks gentlemen.

That’s all great advice.

I’ll give VS Code a try and let you know how I get on.