Display Map in HABPanel based on long/lat items

Hi - working on automation in my camper during lockdown. I have a GPS feeding items and want to display a simple map of where we park. Trying to avoid API Keys, etc… have never done a MAPVIEW item, but it doesn’t seem like it carries over to HABPanel… any quick tips? Searching/testing has gotten me nowhere in an hour or so (google doesn’t seem to like displaying URLs inside another page without doing something fancy)… hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

Forum does have its own search

I saw that, Rossko but it seemed to be designed around a starting point with up to 6 markers around it. If I missed something and you can pass it the starting point, which is all I care about, and ignore the markers, yes it will work.

Perhaps you could define what you want, as it is not up to 6 markers.

I think I did? Maybe? I park my camper somewhere, and want a map based on two OH items containing a Long/Lat is displayed in HABPanel…

I had installed that widget - everything is based on an OH item, except the Lon/Lat…

I don’t know if this helps, you can call a Google Maps centered on a location, by putting the co-ordinates at the end of the URL, like this


Or you can use OpenStreetMap directly in a Frame widget with a pin like this —


Changing the number after map= sets the zoom level.

You can download an image if you prefer

With the referenced widget, you cannot.
You would have to go to the trouble of combining your lat and long Items into a single Item, then you can. Do you need help with that?
From the widget’s wiki -

openHAB item: choose an item holding the position of the marker - either a Location item or a String with the position in ‘latitude,longitude’ format

the map autocentres on your marker(s). In your case you want only one marker.
I’m not sure what the trouble is, wrong map service? don’t want a marker? wrong coordinate system?

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