Diverse updates from ESH


Just fyi: I have today created a new stable ESH release, which contains the following changes:

  1. implemented the ThingTypeMigrator service (#1958) (detail)
  2. Feature/#1955 wemo discovery (#1961) (detail)
  3. Sonos binding: fix issues 1600 1942 1943 1944 1045 #1954 (#1957) (detail)
  4. Sonos binding: title channel for radio reset in a first time: (#1965) (detail)
  5. switched to composite update site for JmDNS (#1966) (detail)
  6. Fix scrollbar bug, add responsive images (#1973) (detail)
  7. #1947: Create new method in DiscoveryServiceRegistry to expose discovery service timeout (#1964) (detail)
  8. added possibility to manage group functions through REST API (#1963) (detail)
  9. Group item configuration (#1968) (detail)
  10. Refactored audio and voice support (#1882) (detail)
  11. Test framework initial contribution (#1921) (detail)
  12. Replaced Apache HttpClient 3.x with Jetty. (#1864) (detail)
  13. fixed item types in DTOs to not contain “Item” anymore (#1979) (detail)
  14. Item types changed (#1982) (detail)
  15. tests for rendering model in configService (#1935) (detail)
  16. ColorItem control fix (#1989) (detail)
  17. add Jetty Client to ‘SmartHome Runtime’ launch configuration (#1995) (detail)
  18. Use timeout returned by scan (#1991) (detail)
  19. Fixes #1641 multiple triggers (#1683) (detail)
  20. audio / voice refactor: remove remaining files (#2002) (detail)
  21. use consistent artifact names (#1998) (detail)
  22. fix groupId of javasound (#2000) (detail)
  23. Updated interface for UPnP participant (enh #1941) (#1967) (detail)
  24. fix firmware update service test that failed during nightly build (#2004) (detail)
  25. added unbind locale provider operation for I18nProvider (#2005) (detail)
  26. Adds label, location and properties to a clone of a thing or bridge when calling editThing. fixes #1996 (#2006) (detail)
  27. Hue bridge now is correctly in OFFLINE state, when bridge is not connected (#1990) (detail)
  28. Provide DiscoveryServices access to existing Results and Thing (#1985) (detail)
  29. New navigation entry for system services (#1988) (detail)
  30. Jetty HttpClient version downgraded in the TP. (#2010) (detail)
  31. map only stuff from item dto that is defined (#2012) (detail)
  32. Show only state for disabled control items (#2007) (detail)
  33. Correction of WeMo Motion example and add Bridge and LED information to doku (#2013) (detail)
  34. Close linkRegistryServiceTracker in unsetBundleContext (#2017) (detail)
  35. Reduced size of header tags in parameter description (#2016) (detail)
  36. 'SmartHome Runtime` lauch configuration updated (#2015) (detail)
  37. Bug fix: item creation (#2014) (detail)
  38. Don’t call handleCommand if thing is not initialised (#2021) (detail)

Most visible change might be that the Paper UI now has a new entry “Configuration->System”, where the core settings can be configured (they moved from Configuration->Services->System).

Another new feature is that you can now also edit and create group items (when the “simple mode” is deactivated in the system configuration). So in theory, you should be able to fully maintain items from the Paper UI now.

Besides that, there were many fixes for the Sonos and the hue bindings and many other smaller things.

Two huge topics are under the hood and not directly visible as features:

  1. The official HTTP client to be used is now Jetty HTTP - bindings should use it whereever possible and refrain from Apache 3 or Apache 4 HTTP libs (just to keep the number of different libs small on a normal openHAB instance). If you notice any problems due to that change, please report them!
  2. There was a huge refactoring for voice support (e.g. TTS). A first visible effect is that MaryTTS is now implemented in openHAB2 and not used from the openHAB1 repo anymore. You will hopefully soon see further features around that (like being able to use Sonos speakers directly as TTS output devices, etc.).

I am currently limilted in my testing capabilities, so please report (and best fix!) and issues that you might find with the latest distribution - I wouldn’t rule out that with that long list of changes something might have been forgotten or might have broken.


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Hi Kai

Thanks for this information. Just updated my system to latest snapshot. For this:

Most visible change might be that the Paper UI now has a new entry “Configuration->System”, where the core settings can be configured (they moved from Configuration->Services->System).

I get a “ERROR 404 - Not found”

“Extension Management”, “Item Linking” and “Locale” looks good. Only “Persistence” part is empty (see picture). Did I miss something?

Update: Just saw that it’s not possible anymore to link channels to already existing items from item-file in advanced mode. So for now I have to go back to previous version.

I can reproduce both issues. I have created
https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues/2025 and https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues/2026 for them.

I am running Designer on a Mac pro laptop (all updated), but the only version I can use is 0.7
all higher versions (0.8, and 0.9 snapshots) hang during load, posted it here:
Reverted back to 0.7 which works well for me.
Happy to provide more details if needed, but would need pointers what to post and where to find it.

I have created
https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues/202522 and https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues/202615 for them.

FYI: Both issues should be solved in the latest distro build #459.

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