Docs on how to backup openHAB

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@Kim_Andersen may I ask you what the status of your approach is? I read this thread with with great interest.

Thank you for the quick and dirty on how to back up!

I ran the command from putty and transferred it with WinSCP. I am thinking of doing a simple bash script to run then a cron job to schedule and transfer.

Just a note: The command changes for openhab3 from sudo openhab-cli backup-full to sudo openhab-cli backup --full

Again, thank you so much!

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Sorry for the very very late reply :cry:
The status is, I ran into some personal issues which meant I had to give up openhab for some time. Hopefully I will be back very soon now, (I bought a new house, and will move into it very soon). From there I will start again from scratch with OH3, (still need to look into it as I left with OH2) and ofcouse the backup solution.