Door sensor does not send status to openhab2

I’ve the same problem with getting any info from my FGK-10x, v3.2.
Habmin includes it successfully but there’s no status (door open and/or battery level). I can’t find any xml for the node (node4.xml in my case) and I can’t set the lifeline association to the controller - it remains empty after saving the changes and refreshing the page.

Binding version is on openhab2 snapshot v2.1 on windows7

I’m struggling with this problem for weeks now hoping to get this solved somehow. But now I’m running out of ideas and need some help from the community.

Any ideas?

Thanks, regards

I don’t get door status or temperature from the device. I only get the battery information. I have set the association. I use openhab 2.1.I get the following error in the openhab log

Endpoint 0 not found. Cannot set command classes.

Hi normen,

if this is still a problem.
A few month ago I have had the same error (see post #48)

I solved that problem by switching from oh2 stable to unstable release.
I did it the hard way (to me), but nowadays, in the openhabian-config menu there is a option to do this:

Maybe this helps you.