EnOcean 2: FGW14-USB supported

Could you pin point me to the documentation where you found the address range? I could not find this information in any of the documents I have read from Eltako.

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I don ´t think you will find this in the Eltako documentation.
The point is, that when you teach in the OH-Channels into your Eltako system, it recognizes and handles the IDs as if they where from a GFVS. You can see this in PCT14 under „function“, i think.
I can confirm, that my Base-ID 0000B000 works absolutely fine.

As stated here:

These are the ranges they use for their GFVS software.

Hey @flysl88, It looks like I’ll need two setups as well, both with FTS14KS (as well as F4SR14-LED, FTS14EM and FGW14-USB). Since these setups are wired, they operate a bit differently from the setup with FAM14, as decribed here: Beginners guide for implementing Eltako FSR14, FSB14, FUD14 via FGW14.

Is there anything from that ‘guide’ you remember is different for a FTS14KS system?

Hi @ErikDB

as far i can remeber it is in principal quite simple. If you have two FTS14KS, you will also need two FGW14-USB. Each one connected to the Pi. Then you have two bridges with independent baseIds.

One thing i remember was to fix the ttyUSB path for the raspberry pi in case the pi is rebooting unintended or you unplug the USB gateway. You need to make sure, that the tty device is always linked to the same, otherwise you bridge will not work. There is a lot of stuff on the internet explained how to do this. (e.g. Assigning fixed USB ports - Raspberry Pi Forums)

My setup runs now since one and a half year without any issues.

So basically, it doesn’t matter if its a FAM or the FTS14KS. They are both the same, seen from openhab view…

Just let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks! I don’t have a RPi, but use a mini-pc with Linux Mint. So maybe that’s not really a problem I might encounter?