Enocean Actuators?

Hey everyone,

So I managed to get Fhem up and running, and I can control an EnOcean RCM 250 actuator via web UI. Good stuff. My hardware is working it seems.

I am struggling to understand how to set this up in openHab. Is there a binding procedure? Can I send out telegrams to bind the actuator? Are EnOcean actuators supported at all?

Thanks for your help.

Hi everyone,

Is this just a bad question or just a difficult question? :smile:

Thanks again

So in OpenHAB you need to install the enocean binding by moving the appropriate .jar in the addons folder and configuring the config.

Reading the documentation for this binding ( https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki/EnOcean-Binding ) it seems that actuators are not supported, although that might have changed by now and merely the documentation not updated.

As noted in this post: EnOcean: what binding to use? there is another binding. I read a little about this a while ago, and if I remember correctly, this binding also supports actors. I haven’t tried that other binding out myself.
Good luck!