Example for item with profile

I’m struggeling with the correct syntax for an item using the (new) ‘profile’
I have two HUE lights and I currently use a rule to copy the behavior of lamp_a to lamp_b.
I want to try to use the profile as stated in the docs

My current (old) items:

Color  LampA_Color   "LampA"       {channel="hue:0200:00178810a7cf:2:color"} 
Color  LampB_Color   "LampB"       {channel="hue:0210:00178810a7cf:33:color"}

Now LampB should be changed to follow the behaviour from LampA

<item-type>  MyItem                {channel="<bindingID>:<thing-typeID>:MyThing:myChannel"[profile="<profileID>", <profile-parameterID>="MyValue", ...]}
Color        LampB_Color  "LampB"  {channel="hue:0210:00178810a7cf:33:color" [profile="follow", profile-parameterID="hue:0200:00178810a7cf:2:color"] }

But I’m not getting the desired result. LampB is doing nothing.
Any hints to what I’m doing wrong?

Color        LampB_Color  "LampB"  {channel="hue:0210:00178810a7cf:33:color" [profile="follow", profile-parameterID="LampA_Color"] }


i have problem with the “follow”-profile too.

I have two thermostats. My item configuration looks like this:

Number  LivingRoom1_SetTemperature "gesetze Temparatur [%.1f °C]"  <temperature> (GF_LivingRoom) {channel="homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:1f31e9ec:LEQ0582941:4#SET_TEMPERATURE"}
Number  LivingRoom2_SetTemperature "gesetzte Temparatur  [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (GF_LivingRoom) {channel="homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:3014F711A0001F58A9A72B0A:LEQ0582714:4#SET_TEMPERATURE" [profile="follow", profile-parameterID="LivingRoom1_SetTemperature"]}

I thought if “SetTemperature” of “LivingRoom1” changes then “SetTemperature” of “LivingRoom2” changes too. But it doesn’t work :frowning:

There are no errors in any logfiles.

Can anyone help me? Or is there a better documentation with examples?


also reading the docs and then made a little lucky guess.

From the docs:

Color Bedroom_Light { channel="hue:0210:1:bulb1:color", channel="serialbutton:button:mybutton:button" [profile="rawbutton-toggle-switch"] }

I assumed, the Hue bulb (first channel statement) uses the input from the (serial) button (second channel statement). To coordinate both channels, the profile is given.

I derived, i need a channel, which should be followed.

Adapted to two HUE Ambience Spots: Spot 2 is following Spot 1:

Dimmer Light_Spot1 "Spot 1" <light> ( gGroup ) { channel="hue:0220:xyz:1:brightness" }   

Dimmer Light_Spot2 "Spot 2" <light> ( gGroup ) { channel="hue:0220:xyz:2:brightness", channel="hue:0220:xyz:1:brightness" [profile="follow", profile-parameterID="Light_Spot_1"] }

Controlled on the sitemap via Light_Spot2. (So no way of conrolling only Spot2 … )

TLDR: Watch out for the second channel statement. Makes sense … in some weird way … :slight_smile:

Add: things go really crazy, by controlling Spot 2 with a KNX wall button …


Thing device hueknx_huestripe   "HUEKNX BAD Spot Thing"
        Type dimmer-control : Light_Spot2 " HUE Spot Dimmer" [ switch="0/0/67+0/0/66", position="0/0/68+0/0/69", increaseDecrease="0/0/70", frequency=300 ]

hue.items (as above, only added a … third … channel in the middle)

Dimmer Light_Spot2 "Spot 2" <light> ( gGroup ) { channel="hue:0220:xyz:2:brightness", channel="knx:device:bridge:hueknx_huestripe:Light_Spot2", channel="hue:0220:xyz:1:brightness" [profile="follow", profile-parameterID="Light_Spot 1"] }

There is a small delay between both lamps while switching. But: nice to watch: both sliders in the HUE App …

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Shouldn’t it be Light_Spot1 without a space?

you are right. corrected above. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your example. But I don’t quite get it.
Isn’t that just multi channel linking to one item?

Dimmer Light_Spot2 "Spot 2" <light> ( gGroup ) { channel="hue:0220:xyz:2:brightness", channel="hue:0220:xyz:1:brightness" [profile="follow", profile-parameterID="Light_Spot_1"] }

so this example looks to me like just linking two channels (hue:0220:xyz:2:brightness and hue:0220:xyz:1:brightness) to item “Light_Spot2”. Would it not work without the follow-profile?
And then the follow-part which seems to “connect”/follow the item “Light_Spot1”.
From my understanding this is doubled and it should be only one channel in this item and the follow profile or two channels.

I don’t get the “weird way” the second channel statement makes sense here. Can you or anyone else explain the logic behind this?

I just played with the follow profile, but I cant get it to work.
I´m using openhab 2.5M1, and I wonder if this might be an issue in the release… Or I simply dont get it.

This is my item:

Number test_temperatur  "Test temperatur fra zwave temp [%.1f °C] "    <cu_heating>    (Temperatur)      { channel="ihc:controller:elko:zwave_temp" [profile="follow", profile-parameterID="NetamoUdendoersTemperature"] }

The profile-parameterID=“NetamoUdendoersTemperature” is my Netamo outdoor temperature sensor. It updates fine.
But the item test_temperature doesnt receive the update. Isn´t it suppose to receive the temperature form the profile-parameterID ??

The main idea is to pass on the temperature from Netamo to the IHC channel. But if the item test_temperature doesnt update, I guess it wont work?

Just to make sure, the netamo sensor updates fine:

2019-04-09 19:38:13.865 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - NetamoUdendoersTemperature changed from 11.5 °C to 11 °C

I believe you need to add the NetamoUdendoersTemperature’s channel definition as a 2nd channel to your item. See https://www.eclipse.org/smarthome/documentation/development/bindings/profiles.html.
I’m still unsure if profile-parameterID is required (EDIT: just tested - no it isn’t).

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Thanks Marcus…
I tried using the example from the eclipse link… But it still doesn´t work…
This is my item changed using the full channel of the netamo temperature sensor:

Number test_temperatur  "Test temperatur fra zwave temp [%.1f °C] "    <cu_heating>    (Temperatur)      { channel="ihc:controller:elko:zwave_temp", channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:Temperature" [profile="follow"] }

The example from eclipse is:

<itemType> <itemName> { channel="<channelUID>", channel="<followChannelUID>"[profile="follow"]}

It´s pretty strange howcome it doesnt work.

I have it working now… I had mixed up the follow channel and the target channel. Using this works:

Number test_temperatur  "Test temperatur fra zwave temp [%.1f °C] "    <cu_heating>    (Temperatur)      { channel="netatmo:NAModule1:75e7162d:0200002741f4:Temperature", channel="ihc:controller:elko:zwave_temp" [profile="follow"] }

The item updates, and it sends the value to the IHC channel as well. Everything is just great! :slight_smile: Thanks for the hint, @mstormi