Examples of HABPanel Solutions

Hi :slight_smile:
how does Download Today and yesterday work ? what are you using ?

Here is Mine after a couple of hours playing with HABPanel


That’s very cool :slight_smile: I’m hoping to set up some multi-room audio on my dashboard. How did you get the album art into a panel?

And any chance of posting your setup to get the weather looking so good?

Great work

Nice feature display @Basem_AlSaeed, congratulations!

Sorryfor the delay @HomeBoss, that’s not possible at the moment, because external HTML has to be sanitized first (with ngSanitize). It might be included eventually if deemed relevant, but in the meantime you should try converting your HTML table to a JSON object (perhaps through a JS transform), if you manage to do then that it’s fairly easy to use ngRepeat and friends to render it in a template.

@UglyKidJoe thanks for your comment :slight_smile: in fact the weather template is not my work :slight_smile: I used a template shared here

and for the album art, I modified Kodi Web interface and called it in an IFrame from habpanel


First a big thanks to the originator(s) of Habpanel, it takes Openhab to a different level. My first attempt is here.

I have three cameras, one from Trendnet, and ones running on a Raspberry Pi and ESP8266. All display real time images in a custom widget. If you click the image you go to the full image in a different dashboard. Click the full image and you return to the home dashboard.

The custom widget couldn’t be simpler!

<a href="/habpanel/index.html#/view/Garden Camera"><img src ="" height="200" width="300" ></img></a>

The Office and Lounge sensors are currently being built but along with the Hall, are all ESP8266/Sonoff based.

The buttons at the bottom left are for testing Raspberry Pi GPIO input/outputs.


How did you make your cameras clickable to open a new page in full screen.
Love that the Local weather wiget. Like to do the same on mine.

Sorry, by “full image” I ment “full sized image” as in the native resolution of the camera rather than the small image on the main dashboard. It is still displayed in a normal dashboard.

would you share your json?

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Good day to you sir, i’m new to openhab2 and i’m trying to create a chart in habpanel but whenever i try to create and run the chart, my chart doesnt work. I have tried to research about creating chart in habpanel by linking it to my sensor but it seems i cannot find any info about it and lastly i was wondering where do you put the codes in?

Please help me, thanks

Not finish but this is what i got so far …


Sorry it’s in french


You have an internet connected bin?!

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ahah !! Nop … :pensive: it’s just to remember me to the out the trash


But you can actually automate your trash can :smiley: See around 14:50

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Could it be easier with a (amazon) dash button ?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:,

just want to show the work from the last few days.

I always wanted to have an quick overview ofthe calls done via my fritzbox.
Since I could’nt find an existing solution which satisfies my “expectations” I “coded” a bit by myself.

The first working result you can see here (with sample data :wink:) :

Please note that this is a simple version. It won’t get any beauty trophy, but it works for my requirements :slight_smile:

It’s based on a script downloading the information from the fritzbox (every x minutes) and the html page handling and displaying the data.
I couldn’t get it to work as an own habpanel widget because the data handling is done by javascript, which is not possible so far (or my information is wrong and my coding skills are to low). So it’s implemented as a frame.

So this solution is not only applicable for habpanel, but my goal for the next weeks will be to implement it as habpanel widget.

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Here some of my very basic screens. They run on an old TF101 tablet.

Still to include/make: Kodi, better Hue and scenes.

I still want to make some things though, any suggestions would be nice:

  • all off button
  • a habpanel home button, so i don’t have to use the hamburger menu
  • a correct formatting of the source of my onkyo.
  • a correct formatting of NaN for my dimmers.
  • google play music, but i think that will be browserwise…



I really like your habpanel layout, it is very clean. Could you also post other screenshot (e.g. Multimedia, meteo, kalender, …).
It can help other people to build up their panel as well …

Many thanks !