Fibaro Scenes

I use Fibaro FGS-213 for my lights and FGR-222 for my rollershutters.
From the manual I have read, that these actors support scenes as well.

Since I feel, that I might have misunderstood this, I would like to make sure, before wasting more time.
My idea was to fire an OH2 rule on double, triple tap or hold down. This would ideally be that a hold of the light switch opens or closes the rollershutters of that room. Do you think that is possible, or am I completey wrong?
Does any of you use these scenes and could guide me through the hardware (ZWay) configuration?

In ZWay I have tried to configure the options described in the manuals, but even in DEBUG logging I see nothing in OH.

Thanks for your help

Activate Scenes through your Config, create a Number item and bind that to the scenes channel, then create a rule:

rule "test scene"
	Item Test_Scene_Number_Item received update 16 //or whatever numbers your device is creating
	logInfo("File", "Scene number 16 triggered")
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Thanks, sihui.
My Problem is at an earlier point in the hardware/zway configuration.
If I see a message arriving in OH, I know how to handle that.

Okay … I’m not of any help regarding that, I’m a zwave user :grinning:

Can you tell me what is different between Zway and ZWave ?

Hi, did you make any progress?
Is it possible?
I have the same devices and it would be great, if your idea works.

Yes, at least with the zwave binding. No idea about the zway binding, though.

Here is, what I found: Fibaro Double Switch 2 and Scenes