Gardena Binding - Documentation and Examples?

Hi all,

I intend to replace my traditional Gardena watering computers with a Gardena Smart Irrigation Control device, sensors, etc. because I realized there’s a cool Gardena binding available for OpenHAB (many thanks for providing and maintaining it!!).

With Gardena Smart devices being pretty expensive, I first wanted to figure out what can be done with the binding, i.e. what kind of data do you get, and what kind of actions can you trigger (addressing specifically one of the 6 valves of the Irrigation Control, starting one manually for a certain duration, check if a weekly program is active, on a per valve level, and potentially de-activate or re-program it, etc.). I got some ideas when looking through some postings but was missing a complete list of Items available per Thing, especially for the Irrigation Control, and some guidance how to use it (there seem to be some rules like always setting a duration first, etc.). My goal would be to create my own Gardena templates for the HABpanel where I can control everything.

Probably I overlooked the documentation so I would be grateful if someone could point me to it, and/or provide some examples of .items and .rules files, etc. (or even some HABpanel templates you did)

I’m also a bit worried by this issue due to the new Gardena firmware and wonder if it is stable meanwhile.

Although I have not any Gardena Smart devices yet, I signed-up at the Husqvarna Developer Cloud to get an account and API key which seems to be necessary for the binding, if I understand correctly.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Thank you, I’m aware of this page. It only describes the Things you can address with the Binding but it does not describe the items and functionality you have per Thing, especially for the Irrigation Control device. If possible, I’d love to see a full list of items and, ideally, a short description of usage.

On the Husqvarna Dev Cloud there’s some API description but it’s not easy for me to understand it (I’m not a SW developer), plus I don’t know what functionality of the API has been implemented in the binding. So it would be much easier for me to see the OpenHAB related part :slight_smile:

There is a new GARDENA Binding. Search for postings from 2020:

Thank you. Yes, I’ve read this thread and was referring to these issues in my original post.

All I would love to see is a .items file listing the items available for the Irrigation Control, through the binding. Even better would be the file and some explanation on what you can do with it. But the full .items file would already be very helpful as I could probably map it then to the API documentation of the develper cloud to understand in detail what can be done.

gardena_Irrigation_Control.items.txt (19.4 KB) gardena_Mower.items.txt (3.7 KB) gardena_Sensors.items.txt (10.1 KB) gardena_Smart_Pump.items.txt (3.7 KB) irrigation.rules.txt (10.1 KB)

TriplePlay is a Irrigation rule to start a serial irrigation over three areas in my garden.
If you set manually a duration of 33 min. on valve 1 with the gardena app, the rule starts with the irrigation.The Smart Pump is controlled together with the valves.


Hey fantastic, thanks so much for the files, this is exactly the insight I hoped for! Very much appreciated!

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You’re welcome to the world of Gardena Smart Garden.
Enjoy your summer!

Now with Alexa speech output, when a new section startet watering.irrigation.rules.txt (16.7 KB)


Thank you, same to you!
Nice integration with Alexa. I have no Alexa but great to see how it works.

I read throug lots of post regarding Gadena, also those of May 2020 Gardena Binding: Various problems / errors where is discribed how to update the binding on the console.
in that post Vetrsion 2.5.5 is mentioned (/usr/share/openhab/addons/org.openhab.binding.gardena-2.5.5-SNAPSHOT.jar)
Via PaperUI I have installed Version 2.5.6. ( binding-gardena - 2.5.6 )

So wich is the “best one” in the one via paperUI no GardenaAPI Key is requested.

Generally the binding via PaperUI does work for some Information, but the chanels are different the ones of @KleemannT in his GREAT examples ( thanks a lot for posting )
Example WaterControl:
Kleemann: {channel=“gardena:irrigation_control:000XXXXX0000:common#batteryLevel”}
TJOHN: { channel=“gardena:watering_computer:83XXXXX027:battery#level” }

So are those differnent Bindings?
So should I downgrade to use the ones of @KleemannT ?

Thanks in advance for your help

I am on openHAB 2.5.6 Release Build Raspi4
My Gardena components are up to date. Gateway is on: version 2.18.4

Hi all,
I am also a bit confused about addon for gardena smart system. (a just bought a smart mower)
Which one to install in which version ?
I understand that there are 2 versions of addon : one with a dev token ID an one without.
Also, is there any solution to remains in local network only ? Or the internet connection is required for every solutions ?

Dear all,

unfortunately the Gardena API seems to keep changing. I just did the update to OH3.0.1 and with the help of the examples from @KleemannT I got it to work. Yet, I wonder where to find the latest documentation. Looking at the official OpenHAB Docu for the Gardena Binding does not really help since the majority of channels is not included in the documnentation…

Does anyone have a link? This shoud be a challenge for anyone trying to get Gardena Binding to work.

Thanks for the awesome help in the OH Community and happy Easter!


Dear all,

wow, it has been a year since I worked on getting Gardena going,… I am still searching for a proper documentation of the channels. I am especially missing the channels for the Gardena smart power plugs. Has anyone been successful so far?

Thx & Best