Getting Started with OH3: rewriting the tutorial - 1. Introduction

I could reproduce it but after removing the ZWave binding it worked again. :slight_smile:

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Great! I deleted the binding & it worked as expected.
I found that creating rules was a real challenge in Chrome but seems to work in Firefox.


I have a rules question. I see how to get or trggers but how do we accomplish and with the UI?

For example, if there is motion(Item) AND if it is dark(Item), turn on the light(Item).

It’s the same than for rules : yu can not trigger on event ‘AND’ another, but you can use the ‘Only if’ constraint.

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I understand that Basic UI sitemaps can be created in the OH3 UI. How?

I‘m not home so just roughly, under pages select new, sitemap…

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OK I assumed Pages was just for the new UI pages…

Thanks again.

No, all under one hood😉

I am trying to re-create my small OH2 setup in ONh while waiting for the functional bindings I need. Z-Wave & Expire are the ones currently not usable.

Expire will not be available as a binding. Replacement is beeing discussed afaik.

I saw that but I use the functionality.

I thought NGRE was going to be the default rule engine but it is not installed by default and still marked as experimental.

It should now also no longer cause issues in future builds since the ZWave feature has been disabled.


Can you unlock the other topics as well please? I’ll proof read and edit as I try out V3 over the next week, also it is confusing that some are in this area of the forum, and some more in another, could they be moved and made a sticky? thanks…

I can unlock but I don’t think I have the power to make it sticky. I think that requires an admin. The rest I can do.

Is there a guide on how to setup model with the file based approach? So far it seems that the model can only be edited through the WebUI or by directly modifying the JSON DB files.

Most all the model pieces appear to be Groups. I would try making one or 2 & use API Explorer to determine what might work in files. I think the new parts are all tags anyway.

See here, there are examples of models built with textual configuration, you just have to tag them properly:

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Reviewing the available OH3 docs I came across this and seems #6, #7 and #8 are still missing or was it just me to miss them ? There’s a #9 though.
Added one or two missing links to the table of contents.

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I just have to draft them, probably in the coming days…

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#6 is here.