Google Home - Actions (API) now available!

I’ve got a PR with an updated README on setting up the google-cloud functions. If something is wrong feel free to comment and I’ll update it

That being said I’m still getting failures in my cloud function:

Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND
at errnoException (dns.js:28)
at GetAddrInfoReqWrap.onlookup (dns.js:76)

Thanks for the replys I have brought a mini and got the audiosink up and running can anyone recommend a decent wall mount for the mini

Thanks for contributing @holmes.j!!

I made some review and would be great if you can check them out.
Thanks for your help!

BR Mehmet

Great job. This was overdue. Thanks!

I’m happy with a 3d printed invisible wall mount from eBay… For 2 €

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That’s the sort of think I have been looking at one of the ones that hold the device in 3 places look pretty decent

Hi all,

and special thanks to @MARZIMA … great effort. However I’m stuck in the same position as others e.g. @holmes.j

Function execution took 521 ms, finished with status: 'crash'
Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND https://MYCORRECTDOMAIN https://MYCORRECTDOMAIN:443
    at errnoException (dns.js:28:10)
    at GetAddrInfoReqWrap.onlookup [as oncomplete] (dns.js:76:26)

openhabGoogleAssistant: Cloud function called:{"inputs":{"intent":"action.devices.SYNC"}],"requestId":"16969298799395762247"}
Function execution started 

Where “MYCORRECTDOMAIN” is properly setup with Let’s encrypt certificates. It’s (no not :wink: ) and I have even verified it with google search console and put it in the domain verification section in the google cloud console.

My own openhab cloud instance is working and I can see the exposed items (actually for testing purpose exactly one item). During the enrollment process on my Android Pixel 2 in Google Home my Openhab Cloud instance is properly logging the oauth requests.

I’ve set up the whole thing three times. I even switched from an AWS EC2 to a google compute instance for my own openhab cloud server to have it “internal” to Google.

Has anyone figured out a solution for this behaviour? As mentioned elsewhere in this thread I tried to switch from free trial to blaze plan a couple of times.

I tried a nslookup on the copy and pasted domain name from the log file above. I return the IP of my openhab cloud instance. And I even tried this nslookup from a google cloud base compute instance.

After spending two days on this I’m lost - I have no further clue what to do - any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Elmar

P.S. I thought about whether the deployment on a US based server but a german google assistant could be a problem
I tried to set the locale to DE-DE in the dashboard for testing the action - but google refused to set it to a german locale

I’ve emailed Firebase support about the ENOTFOUND issue. Will update this thread if I get any useful information.

@Elmar out of curiosity, what did you use for scopes? Did it work properly for you or did you have to employ the workaround?

Hi Jason,

I used google-assistant scope … and openhab actually presents me my custom descriptive string

Cheers Elmar

I am not sure,
but I remember you were looking for alternatives since you doubt „the App will get done“. Why you didnt do that? Iam serious! I doubt you found a free Google Assistant integration.

You imply ppl have to do a readme update in a way like it is „normal“ that you get served and it is overdue.

Again stay fair. If you want something - Do it yourself.

I am a bit confused about the latest status about the Google Home Action? What was the actuall status?
Still under review @Google?

still under Setup.
They are setting up OH. I will make pressure tomirrow again. I cant do much more than that…
I think we are fine for the v1.0 release of the Action.

Sorry, but the ball is on Googles field.


If you’re hitting the ENOTFOUND issue try removing “https://” from the host url in functions/config.js , it fixed the issue on my side, my config.js now look like this:

module.exports = {
                host: 'openhab.[MY_DOMAIN].com',
                port: 443,
                path: '/rest/items/',

I hope it help! I got the hint that the problem might be coming from the https after trying to do a DNS lookup for my domain on , it didn’t worked with the https:// prefix.

And huge thanks to @MARZIMA for the hard work on this :slight_smile:


OMG OMG OMG it worked!

Drop the https for the win!

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Please help me what to enter here:

Tried the whole weekend without success.

Post #260 will help you

the ID/secret can be generated in the google cloud console “API und Dienste” -> Zugangsdaten
There you have to create web application oauth credential - you can leave the URL stuff blank there

You’ll also have to insert the token and id/secret to the openhab cloud mongo db … It’s somewhere in this thread

@sebmarchand you are the one

Big kudos to you … that fixed it

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Hmm, whats wrong now?
One last step is missing :frowning:

I have same issue. I have done own cloud instance as per instructions but now facing issues related to oauth2 configuration and local openhab not connecting to my cloud instance. Local instance is able to connect myopenhab cloud instance. Suggest me - how to enable oauth2 on my cloud instance and local openhab connection with own AWS cloud instance

I have been running openhab google assistant for 2 months now. Since a lot of people are waiting for Google, I just want to mention:

  • You don’t need any cloud service provider; no need for Google Cloud Services
  • You can run your own openhab-cloud locally

As a matter of fact, I am running openhab-cloud and openhab google assistant on the same raspberry pi with very good performance.

Of course some adjustment to the source code are needed.