Google Home - MyOpenhab no response

Suddenly Google Home is not able to talk to Openhab … everything had been working fine and no changes were made … symptoms are:

  • when I log into I get a blank screen
  • When I attempt a sync (Hey Google, Sync Openhab) I get a sorry can’t connect …
  • When I attempt to access a device directly from google home app, it times out

There is nothing recorded in the log at these times.

Before I reboot the system (to see if that solves the problem) is there anything I can look for to determine what is wrong?

Any hints as to how to repair this?

Well sorry … I forgot I just stopped openhab before I submitted this comment … after restarting openhab, the google service works fine … so not able to debug this.

If this happens again, what should I look for before restarting Openhab?

This may be related to the recent myopenhab outage. Yesterday, my system thought it was connected, but didn’t work until I restarted the cloud connector.

You don’t need to restart openHAB, just go into Main UI, click on “openHAB Cloud”, and click the “Save” button without changing anything. Saving restarts the connector, and you’ll see that in your log.

After doing that, I asked Google to sync my devices and they started working again.

If you’ve changed nothing and GA stops working, you should generally start by checking the community to see if myopenhab is down. See my post from the recent outage for some tips.


Bingo. The problem occurred again today and this worked. Thanks Russ.

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If this is happening regularly to you, there’s now another thread discussing it, along with a troubleshooting binding in the marketplace.


You happen wouldn’t know of a way we could trigger this from a simple UI element?

As in, from HabPanel / BasicUI etc

(Something for the Non-tech user)

You’d need a rule to restart the binding using Karaf. I’ve never done that, but this looks like it should work.