Govee api command in a rule

i have a Govee H6199 tv backlight strip and trying to incorporate into my openhab just to turn on and off,I have found this Govee api ,i got an api key allright and i guess i have to use this example

Request URL:
Request Method: PUT
Request Header:
Content-Type : application/json
Govee-API-Key : 00000000-729c-4b82-b536-000000000
Request body
"device": "34:20:03:15:82:ae",
"model": "H6089",
"cmd": {
"name": "turn",
"value": "on"

in a rule to turn on my strip…any ideas?

If you want to send some HTTP, you would normally use the HTTP binding. Or HTTP Actions in a rule. Details vary by openHAB version in use.

i sure know that,i just dont know what syntax to use for the rule.I use http in rules like

rule "httpexample"
Item test received command
 sendHttpGetRequest("https://url to send to make something work")

i just dont know how to transform the Govee api example to one line url to use with “sendHttpGetRequest” if possible…

You can’t, its a PUT and needs a message body (which you can build in a rule).

Repeating the hint, details vary by openHAB version in use.

i am using openhabian 2.5.12…

Here are the docs

An example with JSON

I think you’ll need toput your API key in headers
Example using headers here -

i came up with this rule based on my limited knowledge

rule "govee"
    Item test changed
    val url = ""
	var String header = "Govee-API-Key:  0af6b18b-0303-4c87-b68a-17xxxxxxxxx"
    var String body = '{"device": "34:20:03:B6:xx:xx", "model": "H6199", "cmd": {"name": "turn","value": "on"}}'
    sendHttpPutRequest(url, header, "application/json", body)

but i get an error

2021-06-18 10:14:21.152 [ERROR] [ntime.internal.engine.RuleEngineImpl] - Rule 'govee': An error occurred during the script execution: Could not invoke method: org.eclipse.smarthome.model.script.actions.HTTP.sendHttpPutRequest(java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,int) on instance: null

For some reason, you’ve decided to give your parameters in a different order from the document, so it’s probably struggling to work what is which.
sendHttpPutRequest(url, contentType, content, headers, timeout)

Headers is special, headers is a Map type object, like a list or array, because it usually has multiple elements.
That’s why the example I showed you uses [ ]

When you are experimenting with this, it’s useful to get any response message. You need to give a timeout to collect that.

val putresponse = sendHttpPutRequest(url, contentType, body, headers, 10000)
logInfo("test", "PUT response: " + putresponse)

thnx…one question, is it possible (and easier) to make a script with the document example and run it with


in my rule?

Sure. Don’t see why that would be any easier than a five-line rule, but just find out how to make HTTP requests in whatever scripting language you want to use. Remember you want to pass an on/off selection somehow.

thank you,i dont have the slightest idea about http requests …and http in general :slight_smile: i am trying to learn from docs and examples…

Okay, so probably best for now to stick with the docs and examples that you have. What does your rule look like now, is it working?

i am trying to do some work and to deal with a 4 yo :slight_smile: so later tonight i will give it a try…

I realise now I gave a poor example of ‘headers’ scripting - that was in javascript, not the DSL language you’re currently using.
Looking for a DSL example led me to this …

The upshot seems to be that headers are not supported in OH2 actions, and mention of them snuck into OH2 docs in error.

I don’t think this is going to work this way. You may be forced to use an external script after all (probably a bash script using curl).

got it thnx
i made this script named it and put it in openHAB-conf\scripts folder

curl ''--header'Govee-API-Key:0af6b18b-0303-4c87-b68a-xxxxxxxxxx'--header'Content-Type:application/json'--data-raw'{"device":"34:20:03:B6:xx:xx","model":"H6199","cmd":{"name":"turn","value":"on"}}

and test it with a rule

rule "govee"
	Item test received command

and i get in the log

021-06-18 15:09:47.866 [INFO ] [] - executed commandLine '/etc/openhab2/scripts/'

but nothing really happens.

use the extended syntax
var RET = executeCommandLine("/etc/openhab2/scripts/", 2000)
to get output returned. You may have to redirect the output from your curl command.
Alternatively you can redirect the output of the curl command to a temp. file within your shell script.

got it working thnx,my script is

curl --location --request PUT '' --header 'Govee-API-Key: 0af6b18b-0303-4c87-b68a-xxxxxxxxx' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-raw '{"device": "FF:AA:A4:C1:xx:xx:xx:xx","model": "H6199","cmd": {"name": "turn", "value": "off"}}'

no need for extended syntax.

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Thanks for sharing your solution. I also want to switch on and off a Govee H6199 with openhab. Also using openhabian 2.5.12.

Tried your way, but always get an error when running the script (of course I replaced Govee-API-Key and MAC-Adress):

{“message”:“service is busy please try again later”,“status”:500}

Any idea anyone?
Thx for helping.

You might be doing to same thing I did. For device name, even though it says its the mac address, its not. Do a GET on with your api key header to find the actual address

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