Guide is not online

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Hi Massimo,
the guide of Bticino/OpenWebNet there is not online, if possible can you resolve this.

Thank you.
Best Regars.

see here:

Hi Massimo,
today I have installed new version of OpenWebNet bindings, but I have more difficult in the configuration, this is different from the guide in the link “”.
In particolar I have the F454 Gateway, I do not understand the configuration in the .things file.
I do not understand the meaning the of objects present after the definition the bridge line.
Is it possible receive an easy example with a light and a rolleshutter?

Gui side in the things there are all object, but I can’t test their function, in control I don’t see never things.

Than you.
Best Regards

Plenty of examples here:

Cannot give support through private messages , in case you need ask further support on main thread.