H801 - ws2812

I want to control my new WS2812 strips with a H801 controller- that’s why I connected the Data Pin (WS) to W1 (H801) and of course the power.

a few LEDs are on, but I can not control it.

I’ve attached my config and a picture of the LEDS which are on.

Can anyone help me?

Hi, @max2. As far as I know the H801 will only work with “dumb” LED strips, i.e., non-WS2812/WS2811 strips. I have several H801s here that I use to control multiple warm white strips. If I’m not mistaken, the H801 is only compatible with common anode, multi-color strips with a single connection at the strip for:

  • VCC (12 to 24 VDC)
  • PWM connection per color/channel

The H801 does not provide a serial control output required by WS2812/WS2811 strips.

Oh, that’s not nice.

Than I have to search for a better solution- maybe my Sonoff Basics work.
I’m not sure if for Example Wemos D1 Mini would work directly because it has a 3,3V System.

So I’ve connected it with a Sonoff Basic (Power connected to 5V power supply, GND Sonoff > GND Led Strip, D > GPIO 14 (Sonoff).

(A few LEDs are on)!
Set GPIO 14 as WS2812, but I am not able to control it - color and brightness does NOT change.


Appreciate your help and sorry for my bad English!

WS281x or SK6812 SPi chips need a very specific data stream to control them.

With each chip needing 3 seperate channels.

I would “STRONGLY” advise using one of these.

With the DMX binding for openHAB2, you’ll be able to do some pretty amazing things.


It’s very possible that you’ve totally fried the first chip on your tape by putting a PWN signal into it.

If it doesn’t work, just cut off the first 1 or 2 chips and try again.


The NetWS-340 are too expensive. I only want to control colours and maybe one or to effects.

I can cut it off this evening, maybe it helps.

With each chip needing 3 seperate channels.
But my Sonoff BASIC Setting is okay now?

Always your choice for hardware, I was only offering a suggestion that I know works well and is easy to configure.

Have you done a Google search for Sonoff WS2812 ?

There’s a great topic on this forum,

I found these post that might be of interest to you.
They seem to refer to Tasmoto firmware and hidden commands.


So I’ve ordered new stripes, this time normal (RGBWW) Stripes, with “real” warm-white.

I want to use my H801- but I found no tutorials on how to setup the Items & Sitemap in OH2.

EDIT: Solved

I succeeded in using the H801 to control WS2811 lights. For this you need to modify the printed circuit board by bypassing a mosfet. As you can see on the picture you need to cut one wire and short circuit the other two. Then you need the Adafruit_NeoPixel driver and change in the code the wire pin to 14.

Good Luck!

Kind regards,