HABmin, zwave things, items, and dashboards

  • Platform information: openHABian latest, PI 3 B

So, I’ve managed to get my zwave controller to see a couple zwave devices.
One simple switch, Aeotec Micro Switch
One dimmer plug, innovelli ZWN39

I have a thing defined for each in HABmin.
I have two items.
I think the things are linked to the items.

When I select the dimmer plug thing I can control it. But the dimmer only has an on/off, no dim function
innovelli provides an XML file, but I haven’t found out how to use it…or it will make any difference.

Also, for HABmin I haven’t very successful at getting a dashboard. I think this is because I don’t understand what is needed in the floor plan or sitemap. And, if something is needed in those what that needs to be.
The docs I’ve read haven’t helped me much… :frowning:

Is there a step by step somewhere that I’ve not found yet? Cuz’ I’ve searched…a lot.

Post screnshots from you z-wave-configurations and the item-definition.

Another question I have about this is the Aeotec switch is shown as fully supported in the database.

It only shows up as having one channel and when controlled in the thing, it turns a lamp connected to the device on/off.

But, the device has a micro switch and a set of external contacts. They turn on/off the lamp as well, how would their activation be monitored?

Your pics show that they are, but the plug appears to have two items linked to it. You should remove one.

Habmin is for administration, like PaperUI. Setup BasicUI or ClassicUI with a sitemap, or setup Habpanel, for daily usage.

I belive those features were experimental and not fully implemented. I’ve set them up, but you can build a much better floor plan with Habpanel

Read your manual and set the configuration parameters. There’s a copy of it in the device database. I believe you’ll need to set parameter 80. It also looks like the device may be missing some channels, which is odd since it’s been around a while. Is so, you may need to add them.

Yeah, that was there when I took the screen shot, remnants of past experiments in poking things…

Ah, I see. I have not explored BasicUI or ClassicUI with a sitemap, or setup Habpanel yet.

Yes, later reading showed me that a floor plan was not required, just feature that HABmin allowed the admin to configure.


Thanks, in fact I had set that parameter to 2 using the system I’m moving from, but apparently when it was excluded from that system it reset it to 0 (just guessing it was the exclude…)

And setting it does make the switch and contact update the status, thanks!

As for updating the database, that might be a bit above my current experience level…
But, that said, it appears the support for the innovelli dimmer is not complete. the entry for it shows a list of errors and omissions. Does this mean the XML file from innovelli is in error or has never been added? (on reading the XML it does appear to be for the NZW36, a switch, as opposed to the NZW39, a dimmer. So, I guess innovelli needs to update it.)


Excluding/including a zwave device will reset its settings.

If you don’t want to contribute to the device database, then you should post in the forum to request someone to update it for you. There’s really nothing to it though, and you can’t break anything (Chris will publish it if there are no issues). It sounds like the manufacturer provided an XML? That is not the same as what is needed for OH.

This one? This device should be functional. Those errors are just for tidying up the database.

Not that I don’t want to contribute. Just not sure I have something to contribute at this point.

Yes that’s the one. Ok, it does “work”, in that it dims. But, currently with a slider in HABpanel at 0% the indicator on the device itself is still illuminated and the controlled lamp is dark. At 100% the indicator is off and the lamp is on. And, there appears to be no update if the button on the device is used to control the device (i.e. the slider stays at 100% even if the lamp is off) (and the indicator is inverted as well).

Sorry if it came across negatively :blush: Contributions are optional… and we all contribute in our own way!

I just looked at the device again… and scrolled! This device does not look like it is setup properly. I’ll look through the manual and update it. You’ll need to update to a snapshot build of OH, or manually install a snapshot build of the zwave binding, or manually install the dev version of the wave binding in order to get the update though (once there is a build). The easiest would be to configure openHABian to use the snapshot release.

:grinning: We started editing at almost the same time … please proceed, I will keep my hands off :sunglasses:

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Hehe… thought I had gotten into the wrong device and panicked because I coldn’t see what I had just typed. If you have the device, go ahead. I haven’t found configuration info yet.

Nope, just trying to get the database cleaned up :blush:

OK, I’ll finish it up! Crazy timing!

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Yes, above all we are in different parts of the world.
BTW, I visited Dayton, Ohio a couple of years ago. Nice place in Buckeye State.

Quite different in the north… Lake Erie is massive and there is a connected chain of giant Metroparks circling Cleveland, so very green. We’re on the south side of that abuting the Hinckley Reservation. Beautiful area if you can take the humidity and lake affect snow during the winter!

I found the XML on their website. It says openHAB XML, but it links to the Zwave Alliance website (not the right XML). Nice that they tried! The configuration parameters are not documented, but they are buried in a SmartThings (:face_vomiting:) device handler that Inovelli provides.

@sihui, could you please double check parameter 6? This is the first time I used bitmasks in a device, but there are a couple of Aeon device I have that could use it.

EDIT: forgot to include this…
group3value += group3local? 1 : 0
group3value += group3way? 2 : 0
group3value += group3remote? 4 : 0
group3value += group3timer? 8 : 0

I think I just saw my mistake… but I see you’re replying, so I won’t touch it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it needs to be in hex, at least that is the way I used it once and that is what the database guide states:

The bitmask is (currently) defined as a hexadecimal value

Line Bits: 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0
3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0

So masking Bit 4 (Line 1) should be 10 hex which would then be in the database 00000010
Masking Bit 3 (line 2) should be 8 hex, database: 00000008
One more: masking Bit 5 would be 20 hex, database 00000020

BUT: I’m not 100% sure because I have seen it configured differently in the database.
Maybe @chris can (again) shed some light on this :sunglasses:

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Ahh, I see. Very nice. I already was satisfied with Dayton, because I was heading from desert Texas and was excited to see green trees again :grinning:

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Thanks for looking again!

I only have one of the three of these I own moved to OP, but, the one seemed to bit acting odd. They are pretty good devices, though I had to replace a DOA triac on one.

I assume you refer to snapshot of zwave bindings?

I’ll do a google, but is there a write up of how one goes about setting up to use the snapshot?

I was meaning the OH snapshot. Here is a writeup for openHABian…

The word size is 1, so I thought I had it wrong so I changed it. But now I think I had it right in the first place :roll_eyes: . Best to wait for @chris… looking to have subparameters for values 1,2,4 and 8 that would sum up for parameter 6.

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