Habpanel for Smartwatch

Just received my Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch.
Wonderful piece of hardware.
Would it be possible to design a habpanel dashboard for such small screens or does anyone know another UI for Tizen (i.e. via browser)?
Goal is only to switch lights with it (switch items)

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IFTTT perhaps?

@rlkoshak : Thangs for your advice. i’ve setup openhabCloud, IFTTT and installed Triggers on my smartphone and watch.
Works as expected.
2 small acceptable remarks:

  • Delay on commands is from time 7 seconds until executed
  • No status is reported back, so on the watch you do not see whether a light is on our off (toggle switch)

Thanks to @rlkoshak I can do what I want, but the flow today is:
Openhab items -> openhab cloud connector binding -> IFTTT link -> in IFTT app defining all applets for each light (Maker) -> Triggers App on Android/Gear to connect to IFTTT -> Gear S3 visualization/command (without status feedback -> no indication if light is already on/off) through Triggers app
Quite a complex flow resulting in switching light delays of up to 6 seconds.

In an ideal world it should be
Openhab items -> web frontend App (REST) to command switches and retrieve the actual status of an item

Unfortunately I’m not a developer and surely no Tizen skilled guy able to create such a Web app :smirk:

How about a reverse Proxy so you can directly access the HABPanel without exposing OpenHAB directly to the net?
I’m unfamiliar with the Gear Browser but I assume it’d have some kind of support for SSL. You could just log in to the proxy secured via name and password?

Never thought about it that way, but it does work.
Screen is tiny however, so maybe I have to rework my layout a bit.

I also have a S3 and would love to connect it to OH.
Could you please advise in laymen’s terms what is required.

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Any chance there will ever be an OpenHAB Widget Companion App for Tizen? This would be awesome! Configure Shortcuts / Toggles in the official openHAB App and display it as widget on the watch… Unfortunately samsungs Tizen and especially app developing doesn’t seem to be that popular…


I also have a Samsung SmartWatch and would LOVE to see this app. I found these but it’s NOT exactly what I think we want.

Best, Jay

That watchface is using Tasker.
With tasker it’s easy to control openhab 2 but there is only one app for tizen that is capable of controlling Tasker and it’s not that good (TaskS2).
Also what would be best is a standalone app on the watch, without the need of a companion app on the smartphone.
Creating a static interface to control some devices with openhab 2 should not be the problem using some restcalls.
The problem for me would be building a UI that is customizable and easy to use.

Sign me up!

How does it work when my OH isn’t exposed to the internet? Can it work locally when I’m at home still?

Best, Jay

I’ll respond here as the author of both the app and the topic linked above.

The app, “Remote for openHAB”, is now available in the Samsung Galaxy Store. You can search for “openhab” in the store or follow the link here:

The current version has no support for authentication so can only be used on local networks, either on WLAN directly or bluetooth tethering when connected to your phone.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone as well and are interested in beta testing future versions you can send me a PM with your Samsung account e-mail. If time permits I’ll have an update ready with support for basic authentication rather soon.


Download, configure and tested fine. My sitemap is quite big with lots of sub pages and it worked fine. I even VPN’d in via my phone and then used the watch and it worked fine also.

Good job!

Best, Jay

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Downloaded the app, but every time I configure it, it gives me a network error. I finally figured out how to connect to my WiFi network, but it still gives me a network error when I try to configure the app.

I’d love to get this working.



Hi, I have created tizen wearable app. It is paid app. If interested check at this link. http://apps.samsung.com/gear/appDetail.as?appId=YmsEUlYJ1v