HabPanel Performance issues on a Tablet with Fully Kiosk Browser


I’m using three Android Tablets (Asus ZenPad 10) running Fully Kiosk Browser showing HabPanel.
The Asus Tablets are running on Android 7, of course heavily branded by Asus, but I tried to remove all unnecessary stuff as good as possible. The only App running is Fully Kiosk Browser, which runs with all privileges showing my HabPanel. (the same panels on all tablets). HAB Panel has 14 dashboards. My FullyKioskBrowsers are integrated in my OpenHAB (Version 2.4) and I can monitor and Control them/it (Screen On/OFF, Battery, REload, etc.)
That’s basically working quite fine. BUT:
after some minutes of inactivity habpanel gets really slow on the tablets. I found to ways to workaround this:

  • If I reload the page it starts to perform good as well, but I have to wait these reload seconds.
  • If I switch between the dashboards for some seconds it starts to become more responsive again.
    However, in any case, I have wait some time until i can use it.
    I assumed, and somehow still assume, that it has something to do with the power management of the android device. It seems like the tablet goes in some kind of power save mode with dramatically reduces the power and needs to wake up after some seconds. Turning off all these features, setting CPU Wakelocks, etc. didn’t help so far.
    I already looked into it via the developer console, but connected via a USB I was not really able to reproduce the issue.

has anyone else experienced something similar and/or has anyone any ideas to fix this?


Yes, unforunately I have many issues with habpanel performance and have not been able to solve it - ot works just fine in a normal web browser but habpanel viewer or the kiosks all suffer for me.

You could try using the beta openHAB abb which offers and HABpanel option, full screen option AND a don’t go to sleep option…

thanks for your answers.

I will give it a try with the openHab app. However, the good thing with FullyKiosk is I can also read some status details of the tablet, like Battery level, which allows me to charge them only if necessary… not sure if this can be achieved via the app as well.

with regards to the habpanel-filter. I read about it during troubleshooting-research, but didn’t follow up in detail. If I understood correctly I can use it to narrow down the items populated to my tablets and reduce traffic/load/etc. correct?
and a very stupid question at the end? How can I install it? in PaperUI I cannot find it in my add-ons?


You need to uninstall HABPanel, download the files from the link and put it in the mentioned folders.

This does more seem like an issue with the tablet going to sleep but out of curiosity, how many items do you have? The filtering solution above is for people who have hundreds of items and the solution merely filters out some which are unneeded for habpanel. (the user must decide which are needed) So by reducing the sheer number of items exposed to it, performance of habpanel is restored.

I’m sorry, with so many new apps available, I am unsure which one Vincent is refering to, could anyone provide a link?

It’s probably the Android app which now has an option to display HABPanel dashboards.

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I have around 2000 items. but of course not all of them are used in my dashboards. filtering could be an option, but reinstall of habpanel would be tricky, since I have a lot of custom widets and dashboards. I have not found a good way to restore just the habpanel configs…

I also belive that it has something to do with power management of the tablet, but all my efforts didn’t solve so far… :frowning:
I never observed such a behaviour while using a browser…

i just had a look and indeed the openhab beta app on my android phone can show my habpanels.
i will check if I can prepare a tablet to give it a try… thanks for the hint, I didn’t notice this new function…

I checked it out as well. Turned out I already had the beta app on my tablet. It does display habpanel but even in full screen, there remains a bar across the top, so habpanel isn’t quite full screen. I use habpanelviewer and the advantage of that app is the tablet can be directly controlled from OpenHAB, dimming the screen for instance and the tablet can report parameters directly to OpenHAB such as battery level
I only use it locally and obviously if I wanted remote access to the system, the app would be a good and easy choice

hello, quick Update:
meanwhile I have played around a bit with the beta OpenHAB App. On my mobile it’s working quite good, and since my mobile has the same resolution as my tablets most of my dashboards look pretty good and can be used.

But I’m not really sure if I can use it on my tablets yet. In Fully Kiosk Browser I’m heavily using functions like Battery Level (For automated charging), enable/disable of Motion Detection (for battery saving if nobody is at home), TTS, automated restarts of the app, auto reloads of the HABPanel website, show different Dashboards depending on “Use-Case” I’m currently issuing.

Hi Martin,

have you been able to solve the performance issue running Fully?
I have the same issues and would appreciate if you could share your experience.

unfortunately not… :frowning:
actually I do not thing that the issue is directly related with fully. I actually think that the issue is the tablet, or better the android system. It seems that it deactivates CPU and/or wifi then the screen is off for some time. I tried a lot with setting wakelocks (via fully and/or with other apps), but nothing helped so far.
I was able to compensate the issue a bit by keeping the screen on (I was using the fully screensaver with lowest brightness - but this still produces some unwanted light, especially at night…)
what tablets are you using and which android version? (I have asus tables running with Android 7)

I suspect the same.
(have a Xido X111 with Android 5.1.1)

That’s a pity - Fully Kiosk is super!

I did some further testing yesterday,.
Whenever I turn Off the Tablet Screen some minutes later I have the performance issues. That is also in-line with some tests I did early, where I disabled the ScreenOff function in fully and used the screensaver (with lowest brightness) instead. I did not observe any performance issues, but I switched back because lowest brightness is still bright, especially at night, and the power consumption was much higher…

What I did last night; I opened my HABPanel Dashboard in a Chrome Browser on my Tablet, turnd off the screen and waited for a couple of hours. To my surprise today in the morning my HABPanel was still working in Chrome, without any performance issues.

I’m honestly not an Android expert, but it’s currently hard to believe that the issue is really just related to Android and/or any wakelocks within. If the Tablet would turn off CPU and/or Wifi, I would see the same issue using chrome, I assume?!

What I have seen HabPanel actually starts the Webapp once opened and is than somehow connected the the openhab eventbus, at least I can see a lot of item refreshes walking around. This is also happening then I do have the performance issues. In these timeslots I also see a lot of communication between my tablet and the openhab server, so I do not expect that the wifi connection is the issue.

I currently actually think that it has something to do with the javascripts running in the webview implementation which is somehow started by fully? I know this is still a bit strange and most likely technically not 100% correct, but as said, I’m not an Android Expert :slight_smile:

Perhaps someone here is able to help? Or give at least some further ideas what to check?

Thanks Martin,

I think this is very helpful.
(Just to make sure from the beginning: I am not Android Expert either :wink:

I always suspected Android beeing the issue, but your Chrome Test shows obviously tells a different story.
Have you placed this information to Аlexеy (Creator of Fully)?
His response has always have been quick and helpful.

I am also reading the Battery state using Fully.
Having said this I checked the battery settings in android (never did this before) and recognized that Power savng mode was ON - is this the case on your tablet as well? (Just checking if this might have solved my issue!?)
I will keep you posted.

Have you tried HPV already as Andrew pointed out above in this thread:

Or is there still any advantage of using FKB?

[quote=“NCO, post:18, topic:83492, full:true”]y.
Having said this I checked the battery settings in android (never did this before) and recognized that Power savng mode was ON - is this the case on your tablet as well? (Just checking if this might have solved my issue!?)
getting rid of the power safe mode was one of my first steps :slight_smile: also enableing all kind of Priority Modes, wakelocks etc. unfortunately nothing worked until yet,… :confused:
you disabled power safe mode now, I assume? let me know if it helped pls.

I tried it several times, but was always stuck with some point. mainly around TTS, where I was never able to get any word ouf of my tablet. most of my smarthome use-cases make heavy usage of TTS, and since until now no local voice synthesizer satisfied me I still relay on google,…
but perhaps I’ll give it a try again.