HABPanel RELOADED - THEME / SKIN + Custom Widgets


Show Current Sun Position and Shadow of House (Generate SVG)

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I’ve sussed out how to export my templates to json widgets now, so I will do that, it seems much easier than trying to merge code in advanced settings.

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Great Job on the panel
If I may ask, how did you do the fanart and Thumbnail, for the media section?

I’m going to upload that as a separate widget. It’s currently a template widget using a table and css to align things.

I’ve tried this, using rules, what is happening is that the thumbnail is displayed randomly

Should I upload the script?

Somewhat of a Noob here, I tried importing the music dashboard json file and receive an error: “Widget import error: Invalid widget - no template” I’m sure I’m missing something pretty rudimentary but can not figure it out…Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry that file wasn’t supposed to be imported in the first place, it was to be opened in an editor, and the code copied manually.

I’m going to be uploading actual widget json files this weekend. So wait for that and it will be easier.

Awesome, thanks!!

I’ve uploaded some widgets for the music section, can you give these a try.


Nobody at all tried this out ?

Once I picked up a tablet I realised my previous Kodi player didn’t fit like it did on the PC, so I started again from scratch this weekend and this is what I’ve come up with, it scales perfectly from huge to tiny.

Is the code available?

I’m still tweaking at the moment, I want it to be a fully featured Kodi remote. Then if there’s interest, the plan is to release it as a stand alone widget.


I think there’d be a lot of mileage as a generic media player with image art.

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Maybe I’ll make 2 variants then. Basic generic media player, and a Kodi version with the extra buttons.


So here it is running as a generic video player, generic music player, and then finally the Kodi version, which I can’t finish yet due to having trouble updating the Kodi binding. Everything stopped working when I did so.

I want to add progress bars for the music player and Kodi, and some other small bits, but other than that, the generic one is ready to go, if someone wants to test it.

I want to know if it runs smooth on slower tablets, as there’s a lot of transitions and fancy visuals, which usually slow down on low end tablets.

Does anyone know how I go about uploading widgets for the gallery in openhab?

Looks like you need to tag the thread #widgetgallery and attach the JSON to the first post or like to a GitHub repo.

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KODI version…

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Hi, I really like your setup. Can you share the json files to your dashboards like the lighting, climate, cctv and network. I’d really like to try to set this up