HABPanel RELOADED - THEME / SKIN + Custom Widgets

Thank you.

Frontail is what you need for the logging, and then you load up the frontail page url in a frame widget on the panel.


Just as an FYI…Frontail is currently not available for Windows OS…hopefully soon.


I’ve been using it on Windows Server 2012 without any problems since I started with habpanel.

Please share your wisdom, as the issue has been open for quite some time on the developers github page.


Give this a try: https://gitforwindows.org/

Here is frontail working on my Windows box:

@gman you have spurred me on to find a solution for this!

In going back and reading the issue it seems that Windows does not have the TAIL command available, but I was able to find that Microsoft made it available in a resource pack. So I installed the resource pack and added the path to Windows.

Now I can get tail to run and scroll the log, just not in the browser…does this trigger any bells? I have frontail installed but it shows an empty page…see below:

Have you tried a different browser? Maybe on another machine. I can’t remember having that issue myself. Does the page source code yield any clues?

As I remember, just using the gitforwindows was enough to get tail working, as that’s one of the things it does. It seems like you’re running it from the influxdb folder? Not sure if that makes a difference.

Alexa screen in progress using Released: Openhab2 Amazon Echo Control Binding (controlling alexa from openhab2)

I’ve search everywhere I try to find where is the progress in kodi_final… but Can’t find your kodi final!!!

Slider is nowhere to found in templates!!! but I know that is it there in the css…

Can you still healp me ?

hi @gman

Can you tell me how you were able to formatt the left hand widget bar? how is that done whilst also removing the widget names from the left side.

I like your setup with Widget name on the left, and widget content on the right


Can you add a screenshot of the exact bit you’re referring to? I’m not quite sure what you mean by left hand widget bar.

This, you can see I have the same things on the left as the right.

I think I understand now. You want to hide some dashboards from the left menu?

If you go to your dashboard overview screen, and hit the settings cog in the top right, then advanced, there’s a checkbox to hide dashboard name from the drawer.

No, I want the dashboards removed from the right.

Left displays the available dashboard, right displays the dashboard content :slight_smile:

So when you click on a dashboard from the left menu, you want to hide the dashboard name that usually appears on the right like I have done?

You got it! Theres no point having dashboard names on the left when they are on the right :slight_smile:

The way I did it was by adding this to the .css, the 00 at the end sets opacity so it’s invisible:

.header h2.dashboard-title {
    color: #ffffff00;

This above probably only works in Chrome though, if you need it to work in other browsers, then the following would be the better solution as it should work in all browsers:

.header h2.dashboard-title {
    opacity: 0;

OK, thanks. That fortunately didn’t do anything for me :confused: still displays them

Maybe I still don’t understand the bit you mean. The above gets rid of the dashboard title from the right.

Not title…

The whole widget links. i.e remove EVERYTHING on the right so its used to display the contents of a dashboard, not the dashboard name. Does that make sense? Look carefully at the image. You see the names are duplicates. Why have a bar down the left with widget names, to have the same thing on the right