Healthcare Devices within OpenHAB

I’m looking to enhance OpenHAB to incorporate various health devices, mainly Bluetooth/Wifi connected devices. This would include wearable trackers (Fitbit/Garmin/Polar etc), spirometers, body composition scales, insulin devices, SPo2 (Blood O2) and others.

Any help or direction would be very useful.

I did a little bit of work to integrate with Dexcom’s CGM service, but thanks to the FDA they hold back the readings for an hour. Doing something in the home automation based on a blood sugar reading from an hour ago is pretty pointless so I dropped it. You can see what I did at OAuth2 using just OH Rules and Note that it was done years before OH 3. I’d implement it differently today.

Later we moved on to using Nightscout and had pretty good integration with it which you can find at NightScout openHAB Integration.

Since then we’ve moved to Tandem and because the integration with the home automation wasn’t all that useful over all I’ve not tried to reintegrate that. I think though that the Tandem app still supports Dexcom Share which could be used to push the readings to Nightscout. I haven’t looked beyond that though.

Note that Sleep as Android supports MQTT it’s possible to provide some good sleep tracking integration with openHAB. @rpwong posted a good tutorial on that at Sleep as Android and MQTT.

There have been posts here and there looking for Google Fit integration but I don’t know if anything has come of it. In general though, if it can integrate with Tasker on Android, it can be integrated with openHAB through the openHAB Android App’s Tasker plugin.

What are you looking to do with these devices in openHAB? Do you just want to monitor them, or do you want them to trigger and/or be triggered by rules?

Rich mentioned that he didn’t find healthcare integration with home automation very useful, and I’ve come to that same conclusion with monitoring in general. However, that’s because I’m not specifically interested in monitoring anything; my various sensors exist to trigger other behaviours in my system (e.g. it’s dark, so turn on the lights).

So, if I’m not using something as a trigger or to be triggered in openHAB, I’m not integrating it. I used to do that, but it just meant showing extra information on my sitemap that I never bothered looking at (I mostly control my home through Google Assistant and rules).

It’s a different story if you want to use openHAB to intentionally aggregate and review your health devices, but you might be able to do that more effectively (or with less effort) outside of openHAB. And you might be able to identify a subset of devices/information that you want to use for automation.

Also, if an Android app can generate notifications, you can have Tasker act on those notifications. There’s a built-in feature to do this, but I use an add-on called Notification Listener that also enables Tasker to delete the notifications.


There are already services that collect these data (e.g. Google Fit, Samsung Health etc.). Maybe it is a good starting point to connect to them. This makes it more independent from type of sensor source.

Also Google has integrated FitBit and seems to integrate more functions, there might be something useful also for smart home integration. For example I think of the newly introduces Sleep-API.

For Google Fit : REST API | Google Fit | Google Developers