HomeHabit Dashboard - Updates

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This is a thread for HomeHabit Dashboard app release updates. Original thread can be found here.

Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.homehabit.view
Community: https://community.projectrotini.com

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Beta 11: Thermostat and more

This is a large release with a lot of features requested by the community. Enjoy!

Dashboard swipe

One of the most requested features is finally here!
With swipe available now, edit dashboard trigger is moved to a gear icon in the page bar corner.

Thermostat widget

Brand new thermostat widget with new UI design and improved integrations.

image image

There is a large variety of thermostats available on the market, so there is possibility that some models don’t work fully. Please report these issues, so we can quickly address it.

Gauge widget

Several additions to Gauge widget:

  • thresholds
  • customizable range configuration
  • linear style
  • label is now optional


Weather widget

Widget has new layouts available that are more flexible and allow for missing elements, such as no condition icon. Also widget now supports freeform condition text when condition id is not available.

More widget changes

  • MJPEG stream and snapshot support for Camera and Room widgets
  • Customizable icon in Sensor widget
  • Additional themes added for Map widget
  • Ability to request desktop site in Web widget
  • Support for trigger mode in Shutter widget to allow support of trigger-based garage door setup

OpenHAB integration

  • New: Image item integration for Camera, Room, and Media widgets
  • New: Support for OpenWeatherMap conditions
  • Fix: Some items are missing when trying to bind in Action and Scene widgets
  • Fix: Item transformed state is used when bound to Value widget

Other improvements

  • Ability to search in Icon, Item, and Application pickers
  • Support for modern SSL protocols and ciphers on Android 4.4
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Beta 12: Remote connection

Remote connection

In this release, it is possible to provide remote configuration to connect to platforms when on a non-local network. Remote connection supports myopenHAB.


Local network

Local network is determined by Wifi network name and recorded during platform setup process when connection test is performed. If local network name would change, please go through platform setup process again to update the network name.

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Beta 13: Weather forecast

Weather forecast

Weather widget has new forecast mode that allows to add multiple periods of weather forecast.
Currently only daily periods are supported.


Beta 14: Tasker integration

Tasker integration

Tasker action integration is available. Some other apps that use the same plugin api also supported, such as Automate.
Integration allows you to add an task action to assign certain state to an item inside HomeHabit. Currently only switch-like devices are supported, it will be extended to more types later.

image image image

Room widget improvements

Room widget has a new layout when photo/camera is not setup. All configured elements are shown in a grid.


Device groups

Ability to group multiple devices in Switch, Light and Sensor widgets. Widget will show how many devices are activated.


Other changes

  • Dimmer position and light color will be set at minimum value when device is off
  • Light dimmers and optionally regular dimmers are now shown as activated only when above minimum value, which is consistent with switch behavior.
  • New pressure units: hPa, kPa, cbar

Bug fixes

  • Import/Export file picker is not working on some Samsung devices
  • Humidity sensors and thermostat humidity should be bindable to Room widget elements with humidity type
  • Widget editor layout is not sized correctly on some screens
  • Weather widget forecast layout breaks when adding new forecast periods
  • Occasional widget error when its resized

Beta 15: New icons, lots

Over 5,000 new icons added with extra icon packs. This took a bit of work, but now icon packs are added in a generic way, so it would be possible to easily update or add new packs in the future.

Following optional icon packs are available in this version (configurable in Settings):

Directions for text-based configuration are available in the docs.


Bug fixes

  • Light items do not show correct state and impossible to turn on/off when bound to Room widget element
  • Gauge widget decimal text size is incorrect on some devices
  • Allowing any file type for import/export picker to avoid issues without un-selectable file on some devices
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Beta 16: Security widget

Security widget

The new widget supports alarm panels from integration that support it.

For OpenHAB integration, the widget allows a custom setup with separate alarm state switch and alarm code item. Entered PIN code will be send at the same time with alarm state command.

Dimmer step

Dimmer and Light dimmer widgets have new property to configure minimum change step.

Bug fixes

  • Thermostat current temperature is disappearing in some cases

Beta 17: Improved widget editor, remote config editor, and more

Improved Widget Editor

The improvements are done to speed up a process of creating new widgets. There are now two ways to go through widget editor: select item or select widget type.
By selecting item first, the app would be able to suggest all widgets that can be bound to that item and pre-populate some widget properties. That works great with simple devices like a switch, which will even pre-populate widget label from a selected device name. Some of more complex widgets like weather or room widgets don’t have pre-population working fully yet. That will be improved at later time.


Several improvements added for item binding flow.
First, it is possible now to bind specific item attributes to widgets. For example, if a device has both humidity and temperature attributes, it is possible to bind either of those to a gauge widget.
Additionally, items can be unbound when editing a widget without a new to create a new widget.

Remote Config Editor

The config editor provides ability to edit configuration in JSON editor directly from a browser by connecting to HomeHabit running on Android device over a local connection (the application must be open for editor to work). Config editor is disabled by default and can be enabled in Settings (experimental section at the end).

There are numerous benefits over existing text-based configuration. Platforms and dashboards created in the new editor will still be editable through UI, so you would be able to create dashboard in UI, play around a bit and then simply continue editing from a browser, if desired. Also, since configuration is stored on device, it would be easy to have separate dashboards for each device.

Config editor JSON is similar to current text-based configuration, but it has some differences and additional data. Documentation will be added at later time.

WARNING: This is an early experimental version, so please be cautious when editing configuration on your main devices.


Widget improvements

  • Configurable snapshot interval for Camera widget (as low as 1 second interval)
  • Labels are now optional in all state-like widgets (e.g. switch, lock, sensor, etc.)

Other improvements

  • Improved search in item picker that allows multi-word search, as well as search specific item attributes
  • Support for pressure sensor items
  • Better support for energy and gas meters items
  • Added air quality items
  • Possibility to skip connection test when editing a platform when connection has been verified previously
  • Font Awesome 5.9.0

Bug fixes

  • Import config is failing when trying to update disabled platforms
  • Rejecting cancellation in Widget Editor through tapping on outside of dialog makes it impossible to close the editor afterwards
  • Disappearing value text in Gauge widget
  • Error when trying to delete a platform that was never enabled before
  • Widgets that have been configured with reversed state should not be shown as activated when state is unknown
  • Crash after enabling home app configuration and switching to the home app
  • Crash when unable to get permissions from Android for selected backdrop image
  • Platform reconnect notification is shown even when a platform has been disabled

Only just see this. It looks very interesting.

Habpanel is very good but not without issues (sluggish being the main one)

I’ll create a new dashboard and see now it fairs.

@Crispin Thanks for checking it out! Let me know if you have any troubles settings up a dashboard.

Beta 18: Integrations and live streaming

Live streaming

Live streaming is now available in Camera widget both as a popup view and as in-place streaming.
In addition, the last time camera snapshot was retrieved is now visible.

Additional fixes in Camera widget:

  • More tolerant approach when processing MJPEG stream for non-standard formats
  • Image conversion optimizations by reusing memory when streaming images
  • Pausing image and video snapshot when device is offline

Widget improvements

Thermostat and clock widget got several improvements.
You can now display weather condition and temperature next to the time in Clock widget. While Thermostat widget has improved fan support for multi-speed fans and better experience when changing target temperature.

New platforms

Two new experimental platform integrations available in this release: WebThings and Hubitat.
WebThings integration will be improved in the future to support OAuth rather than relying on tokens.

Wink platform integration was also improved and had several issues resolved that relate to recent Wink API changes.

Other improvements

  • Settings are available through Remote Config Editor
  • Remote authorization step in Platform Editor is skippable when editing existing platform

Bug fixes

  • Bindings for some widget properties are not parsed correctly when importing setup config
  • Media widget skip next/previous not working when pressed multiple times in a row
  • Calendar widget weekday format fixed to be 3-letters, as before
  • Platform sync is delayed when starting the app because of unnecessary delay in connection check
  • Widget Editor does not show correct binding state when bound item is missing
  • Several other bugs fixed in Widget Editor
  • When creating thermostat widget cool/heat target temperature should be selected by default instead of default thermostat target
  • Weather elements layout shifts when value changes from between single and double digits in Weather widget (bug)
  • Memory leak after applying new config from Remote Config Editor


  • Calendar widget title and location properties missing string items from OH