HomeKit - new architecture - iOS 16.5 - OH 3.4.4

Sorry if this has been answered earlier.

Is it safe to upgrade to the new architecture in HomeKit iOS 16.5 running OH 3.4.4 or is there still issues you should be aware of?

Thanks in advance


Hi Christian,

there are 2 related discussions

it looks like nobody tried yet. i could not check on my side as i cannot upgrade to new architecture due old devices at home

if you do upgrade, please report here and in another threads

Thanks a lot😊

For now the integration between my HomeKit and OpenHAB is too important for me to dare trying to upgrade the architecture. Maybe in the future after setting up an test environment and trying it there beforehand.

@yfre are you responsible for the HomeKit binding?

I’m one of the contributors and maintainers of the HomeKit binding

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Great. Fantastic work btw and the binding and it’s documentation has been getting better and better too.
Do you know in what state other projects (Homebridge/HA/etc) are with the new Homekit architecture?
I would be willing to update and potentially break my HomeKit integration if it would help nice things along?

PS I think I saw some discussion about it previously but was there any intention in the future to provide support for Homekit devices within OpenHAB (the reverse of the current binding)?

thank you for your kind words. this was only possible with support of the community here. with troubleshooting, not giving up, providing logs, improving documentation, reviewing the source code.

regarding other projects, Homebridge is in my view the most advanced and up-to-date implementation of HomeKit. i used it often reference. If new architecture requires changes, homebridge will implement them as first. But there were no changes in homebrige in this regard in the last 2-3 months. So, im to 70% confident, that new architecture would work with openHAB as well.

first release of new architecture has created many issues and not only with openHAB. so, not sure how well is the second release is working in general. I will be able to try it first in August once that last old iphone gets replaced.

regarding support for homekit/matter devices - it is on OH and my personal todo list, but i will no start working on it before September/October.


I updated my homekit architecture when I updated my iPhone 12 mini
I just accepted the prompt without thinking
No OpenHAB issues, everything worked fine the first time

But I did have apple device issues
iPad Air 2 and old iMac 2009 (running Catalina) do not support the new architecture.


Thanks and is good to know that you are seeing no issues, I think I will update then too and provide some feedback. I also have an old iPad Air 2 but very rarely use it to control the home and can just use OpenHAB on it if ever needed.
I have some ideas around using the new sound detection in the new architecture, eg with my non-smart networked smoked alarms (need to check whether it is a good idea in safety terms though).

No worries, it’s nice to see a push for better documentation, it probably removes a lot of support issues too and I would urge anyone using the binding to check it again as it has very likely improved since they installed the binding.

Given the positive feedback on the new architecture I will try the upgrade as well, if it goes badly then I will just stick an Echo Dot in the living room.

Great news on the HomeKit/Matter stuff, it would be pretty useful. I am guessing the Matter stuff is a bit messier though, especially as a lot of vendors still seem to be finding their feet with it and ironing out the kinks (no idea what would fall under OpenHAB and what would fall under the HomeKit binding though, it would seem a shame to repeat work that would be used across multiple bindings).

I guess on a similar theme do you know if there is any future plans for HomeKit Secure Video? Homebridge and Scypted seem to have this working for a while now but it would seem to almost fall between the IP camera binding and the HomeKit one.

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I’ve upgraded to the new architecture and it seems from some very quick testing to be working fine. When I get a chance I will reboot all systems and try adding a new switch/device, to check it still functions as intended.


It’s strange - Since yesterday evening all my items are working again, without changing anything.

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Hi @stefan13 please do let us know if you have any success? I am really eager to know.


Hello James, I already upgraded to the new Homekit Architecture some month ago.
With 16.5 it stopped working suddenly, but now it is working again.
I have no clue what was happening. Currently everything is working :smiley:


Hi, after reading the success stories, I dared to do it. About 150 devices (two bridges) and cameras via Homebridge and everything runs after the update to the new architecture. Feeling Lucky. :sweat_smile:

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Forgive me if this question was already covered, but does the ‘new architecture’ for homekit still exclude using ipad as a homekit hub?


That’s correct. This decision was made by Apple and I don’t think it will be reverted. They also write this in the settings app.

Dear all,
Just wanted to - tell that I have now upgraded to OpenHAB 4.0.0 and the new architecture in Apple’s HomeKit and everything is working.
If there is anybody out there using the IHC binding I can tell - that you are still able to use TLS 1.0 in Java 17 - same procedure as in Java 11 - even if some reply’s on the internet saying that you are unable to run TLS 1.0 in Java 17.
Best regards

Homekit stopped working for me since a few weeks suddenly - I can’t see any reason.
I already restarted the HomeKit bundle, removed the binding, cleared the peering, etc.

When when tried to re-add the HomeKit to OH3 (3.4.5), I got the error that I have to reset my settings first.
I cleared the binding again, deleted the cache, and tmp folder, after deinstalling the HomeKit integration and stopping the OpenHab docker.
After restarting OH3, I installed the HomeKit integration again and tried to add it again to my Home.
Now its stating always, that the device is not compatible…
No clue what else I can do.

typically it says “not compatible” if home app receives unexpected values, e.g. no values for characteristics that must have value from apple perspective

please try following:

  • make sure all you homekit items in openHAB have a value. just set them via web ui or karaf

  • reduce number of homekit tagged items in openHAB. e.g. keep only simple device like switch/ light, perform the pairing, add all other devices afterwards

  • sometimes rebooting of apple devices and keeping apple tvs and homePod during pairing helps as well