Homematic: StatusDisplay HM-Dis-EP-WM55 supported?

I created a slightly modified version of my rule that is running on OH 2.1:

rule "Info-Anzeige"
    Item Fenster_Arbeitszimmer changed or
    Item Fenster_Bad           changed or
    Item Fenster_Schlafzimmer  changed or
    Item Tuer_Wohnzimmer       changed or
    Item Balkon_Temperatur     changed

   val temp = "Line 1"
   sendCommand(DT_L1, temp)
   sendCommand(DT_Icon1, "OK")
   var fensterIcon = "OK";
   sendCommand(DT_Icon2, fensterIcon)
   sendCommand(DT_L2, "Line 2")
   sendCommand(DT_L3, "Line 3")
   sendCommand(DT_Icon3, "ON")
   sendCommand(DT_Submit, ON)  // always execute at the end

Item DT_L1 ist connected with channel DISPLAY_LINE_1, DT_L2 with channel DISPLAY_LINE_2, …

The result of this rule looks like this:

The texts “CCU Line 2” and “CCU Line 3” can only be set on the CCU.

Thanks a lot for the good feedback! Well, my lines are off by 1, so when I write to line 2, it appears where you have line 1. Text written to line 1 does not appear anywhere…
I assume it is related to this update, where @Thomas_G mentioned that the lines have been shifted? I think it made things worse for the EP device. Could you make that last change only for the OLED version and revert for EP?

What binding version are you using? I could try it in my environment, too.

@gerrieg What do you think? Would it be feasible to use different channel names for the EP device?

I am using the snapshot.
How can I manually change a single binding (I installed with apt-get)?

These devices are driving me crazy :disappointed_relieved:

A summary for me, there are two devices with display:

  • HM-DIS-WM55 -> OLED -> 5 lines -> but @Thomas_G says 6 lines???

  • HM-Dis-EP-WM55 -> E-Paper -> 3 lines -> lines are shifted by one. If i revert my change only for the EP device, it should work again.

Can someone confirm my assumptions for the EP device?

@gerrieg Yes, they are really “interesting” devices :-).

Strictly speaking, the EP device has got 5 lines. But via the binding only the 3 lines in the middle can be set (see my picture above). In version 2.1 of the binding there were 3 channels for the text and 3 channels for the icons:

In the next days I can find some time for testing (and probably migrating my production environment to 2.3).

The OLED HM-DIS-WM55 device has 6 lines. Your changes made the device completely usable. (One more line and shifting the content one line up).
For the EP device you must revert the shifting-change. But only for EP, not for “my” device.
I think that is the only “To-Do”.
That’s what I interpret here.

Hi @gerrieg, did you have time to fix this issue? Would help me a lot because right now, I cannot use the device properly. When you make the changes in a snapshot I can test it right away.

@yannick_hein Thanks for the ping, i forgot to create a PR :frowning:
see https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/pull/3444

By the way, that did it! Works for the EP device now, thx!