How do i add rtsp wyze cam?

i have the RTSP url of the cam
how do i add to the openhab dash?

What have you already tried & searched for?

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I did not try anything because I did not find a guide on how to insert an RTSP link in habpanel
For me to see the camera inside the habpanel

You also neglected to mention habpanel.

We help you with solution s but rarely prove a complete solution.

I find this in a search: How to display RTSP streams from IP Cameras in Openhab and Habpanel (Linux only)

Any use?

I assume you reflashed the Wyse camera with their unsupported firmware that enables RTSP. By default Wyse cameras do not support RTSP and there really is no easy way to display them through openHAB.

Getting a RTSP camera to display in habpanel is Easy as:

  1. Install ffmpeg
  2. Use the ipcamera binding
  3. Use this widget.

Thank you!
I have 2 questions:
1 I can not find the folder openhab2-addons, I should create it?
If so then where?
2 When I add the widget address as it is written then nothing happens

Are you on Linux, Windows or MacOS?

openhabian on sd card raspberry pi 4

I installed ffmpeg
I installed ipcamera binding
My camera is wyze cam v2
And the address of the camera
rtsp://user:password@ IP /live
What should I choose in the picture?

i can not run ffserver
how do i do this?

Forget ffserver, just use the ipcamera binding and select httponly and fill in the RTSP URL and a server port. The readme for the binding should guide you and if anything is confusing just post so the readme can be updated.

How do I know what the server port is?

I do not get along with the settings
I’m really new to openhab and the camera is really important to me
There is an option you can help me with settings through a WhatsApp video call or teamviewer
Please friend …

What am I doing wrong?

You need to read my previous reply where I said you need to fill in the SERVER_PORT, the readme explains anything else you are likely to ask next. Please understand we are not here to provide you with support, you need to read and learn otherwise people will stop helping you. As mentioned if something in the readme is not clear or confusing, feel free to post and I will revise it to help others in the future.

I put a port and opened the port in the modem settings
And I still can’t see the camera

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