How to connect IP150 to OpenHAB?

I really need a n00b guide on how to bind/link/whatever my IP150 paradox module to OpenHab so that 1) I can receive notifications, perhaps via telegram and 2) I can arm/disarm etc

Please note that I am totally new to OH and really need guides.

We all need to start somewhere, so please be patient

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The search function is your best answer:

Have a read through this thread.
A good option seams to be to use mqtt and this

So you would have to make yourself familiar with the mqtt binding.
Best regards Johannes

Indeed the search is your best answer - your rudeness is not appreciated

I have read all the articles there and they are obviously not on my novice level hence me turning here for help

Clearly you have a chip on your shoulder and have been waiting ALLLLL month to use the chirp. THank you for nothing


I am sorry my answer didnt meet your expectations :neutral_face:
You didnt provide many of the necessary informations needed by the people on this forum to help you.
a rough guide can be found here How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You :smile:.
So I have to take a guess here :thinking: many people run there system on some kind of linux system or even use openhabian which is based on raspbian
If this should be the case for you the next steps I will describe will maybe help you as a starting point. If you run openhab on another operating system I will unfotunately not be able to help you as I have no experience there. As a disclaimer I dont actually own your security system so this should only be considered a rough guideline for the first half of the setup. I can only help you setting up the mqtt part that you will need to connect to the alarm adapter.

So lets start.
As you have probably already read in the thread I linked there is no official binding for your project. But your lucky and somebody developed an adapter for it. This adapter is based on connecting to your alarm system and than offering a translator of sorts to a protocoll called mqtt which there is a binding for in openhab So in addition to the “adapter” and the mqtt binding you will also need to install a mqtt broker. The mqtt protocoll is based on the principle of having this broker and clients can subscribe and publish to topics on this broker. A great intro to this can be found here I can recommend reading the whole ten parts
So a popular choice would be to use mosquitto as your broker If you are using openhabian you are in luck as you can find an option to install it in the openhabian config under additional components Otherwise you could use a tutorial like this So once you have the broker and the mqtt binding installed you need to create a broker thing in paper ui connecting to your installed broker whith the credientals you entered when you installed it Have a look here First time setup of MQTT [solved] or here Migrating MQTT1 items to MQTT2.4 items if you are having trouble with this step.
Now you need to install your adapter to actually connect your alarm system. You will probably have to follow the manual instructions on there page here Once installed you will have to follow the connection and usage instructions provided in their wiki Once you connected the interface to your broker the mqtt binding comes into play. You will have to create a generic mqtt thing that has channels that publish and subscribe to the topics specified here
From here on I cant really help you and you will have to comb through this thread Help build binding for Paradox Alarm Panel with IP150 that I linked before.
If you have questions for connecting your system to the adapter best is to actually ask in that thread as those people own the system and probably wont find this thread here to help you. You can also communicate with the developer of the adapter here
I hope this helps you as a starting point on the journey and somewhat meets your wishes, im sorry I cant make it any easier or offer a plug and play option.
Best regards Johannes.


That’s absolutely right. I would guess that you have already made some kind of start, because you have been reading up?
We could talk about choosing the box you want to run openHAB on, and where to buy it, and how to download and install openHAB. Maybe you’ve already taken those steps and it would be a unhelpful waste of your time?

Be patient as we have to guess what you need, based only on what you tell us.


Thank you so much for your understanding

I am very new indeed and I get a little annoyed when some people in the know just look down on you and give cocky replies

I have already installed OpenHabian on a Rpi Zero W

Many thanks for the great explination.

I do have it loaded on an Rpi

I’ve created a simple binding for Evo systems. Please have a look at this posting where we track the progress of the Evo IP150 binding. The binding is still not in the productive code. It supports only Evo-class security systems since I own one and I could test the coding really well on my own system. The protocol on other Paradox systems seems to differ a lot so I’m not able to provide support for SP-class systems. Current features are only read-only mode reading partitions and zone states.

Please be aware that right now I’m with very limited time to do any changes to the code which were requested by code reviewers so I cannot give any timeline when the binding will go live in productive code.


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Hi DovZA,
If it is of any consolation to you, I am also new to OpenHAB and find it frustratingly difficult to use. And I do have quite a bit of technical experience, and so thought it would be the challenge that its proven to be. Even for basics. I´ve been giving it a try and get something nice to use for home in a ´production´ environment, but in months have not gotten far at all.

I disagree with the replies you´ve received from rossko and JGKK, alleging that you have not provided enough information. I believe you provided a very simple question, which I expected would have received a very simple answer.

“How to connect paradox IP150 and get some functionality” should have received a very simple, 1, 2, 3 steps answer, with some notes and pitfalls. That’s it. Right?

This does not seem possible at the OpenHAB community forum.

I’ve been looking around with latest OpenHAB v3, hoping for some more integration in a few things, but for uncommon items such as Paradox, its like @JGKK and @polychronov explained; for the most part in very early stages.

I found that from my panel, a Magellan, there is nothing available ‘out of the box’. If you are running an EVO, then you might be in luck as per what Polychronov has put together.

Hi @GitMemPro,

I’m not sure if Magellan uses the same protocol like Evo192 but I guess it’s worth to try the binding on your own. Just install it and follow the instructions to set it up.
I guess it would be best to say that your MG is Evo192 in the bridge config.

Please let me know if it works for you.


Any update? It worked with Magellan?