How to make button active only if the controlled item has specific value

Hi all
As far as I understand the HABPanel Button widget behavior, it becomes active as soon as controlled item is not OFF.
But is it possible to make button active only if underlying item has specific value, while it should send this value to the item?

My problem - I want to have a dashboard with several buttons, each sending different value to the Roller Shutter - e.g. 0%, 60%, 80% and 100%. But I want only one of them to be highlighted at a time, depending on roller shutter value.

I think the easiest option would be to edit / create your own widget that does exactly as you require.

I built a thermostat widget from someone else’s work, who in turn took inspiration from someone else’s widget.

You might even find a widget in the gallery that does what you need.

For example