How to read temperature from Satel binding, ATD-100 sensor


Do you know how to read temperature from Satel ATD-100 sensor via Openhab Satel bindings?


This is not possible yet, unfortunately. I can look into this if the data is available through the integration protocol. If it is available, it should not be a big problem to add such feature.

I am waiting for this funcionality as well.
@druciak thank you for great binding! Integration protocol let you take the data through the command:
x7D +1 byte with temp sensor zone number. The answer is described in protocol manual and is not complicated for parsing.

Thanks for the tips. The only problem is with response time for this command, which can be up to 5 seconds. This will slow down the communication and responsiveness of the whole system. Especially if you have many such sensors.
The other thing is that the binding is not merged yet and I did not plan to add any additional features before it is merged.
If we could put a little pressure on the reviewers… :slight_smile:
Here is the PR:

Ah… actually delay can be a problem. I’m not a programmer but I remember a few years ago I tried reading (with success :slight_smile: ) the state of zones using node.js and I sent a request about the zone states every 3s and about the temperature every 1m. Then the answer from the control panel I interpreted according to the frame length - if 10 bytes it means temperature - but I have only one ATD-100 sensor. Standard frame with zone states was 23 bytes (Integra 128WRL). Later, I found your binding and life became easier…

Interesting, I thought is for websockets only, I didn’t know it can handle pure TCP connections. Nice!
Anyway I will try to find some time to implement such feature.

The feature has been implemented, but it is not merged yet. You can download testing version of the binding from the marketplace however. The link is here.

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I’ve just tested and I see temperatures!
It works perfectly.
Thank you very much.

@druciak, the feature with temperature readings from ATD-100 is working seamlessly! How about new ADD-200 sensor. I plan to buy that sensor. I don’t know if Satel integration protocol has changed. I think it will work as atd-100 thing, how do you think?

According to this post it should work.
I have new thing types “ABAX2 zone” “ABAX2 output” on my to do list, but haven’t started working on them yet.