Howto add a device to the zwave database

hmm okay, so why are they showing up as unknown devices in habmin 2?
label reads Z-Wave Node 10 (013C:0001:0015:1.2)

I think it’s only been updated with your codes in the past few days so it’s probably not in the binding at the moment - try updating to the latest snapshot and see if that helps.

any hints on where to find the snapshot and how to install it? still getting confused by parts of OH2

It is best to use the latest snapshot of the runtime - then you can just install the latest binding through PaperUI or HABmin.

If you need to manually install bindings, then it’s more difficult unfortunately.

okay, switching to snapshot made sure that the devices showed up and work. but I’m trying to switch the “invert control” property in the channel configuration, when I click save and refresh the page, the setting hasn’t persisted

Same for me. I installed the snapshot version of the binding (How to install a SNAPSHOT version of a binding in a OH2b4 installation) and now the roller shutter is recognized again, but the setting for inverting the percentage is not persisted.

Hi, would it be possible to change my accounts so I can also add a new device to the Database?

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I want to use the Philio Tech PAT02-B Temp./hum. sensor.
He is in the database on but openhab detects an Unknown Device.
I see that the sensor is not in the zwave binding database of OH2. Could that be the issue?
Could you please add it to OH?

The device is already in the database so your version is probably different and you will need to update the database with the information for your device. Normally this is done by either setting the type/id or uploading the xml for your device.

If i look at attributes in HABmin, I see the same values for version/ type/id as in the database. So that could not be the issue, I guess?

I guess this should be ok then, but it still means there is nothing to add to the database. What version of OH2 are you using?

openHAB 2.0.0-1

Ok, so that’s probably the problem. You should change to use the 2.1 snapshot.

I’m on 2.1 snapshot now, but still the device remains unknown.
The product type on the back of the device is PAT02-1B.
I see the PAT02-B is in the db, but without the number 1 as in PAT02-1B.
Could that be an issue?

The name won’t matter. All that matters is the device type and ID. What does OH say your device ids are?

The device type and ID aren’t shown in openHAB.

Then it’s not initialised. Probably you need to wake up the device with it in close proximity to the controller (maybe a meter or so - not too much closer). This will allow the binding to interrogate the device and find out what it is. Until this is complete, the device can’t be discovered.


im highjacking this thread :slight_smile:
I have the same problem and the same sensor: PAT02-1B.
This is how it is identified in Paper UI: Z-Wave Node 4 (013C:0002:0020:1.14)

Im a total NOB and have just installed the preconfigured image on Raspberry PI.
How can i get this sensor to work?


It looks like your device should be this -:

You don’t mention what version of OH or the binding you are using?