Hue Scene Bindings?

Is there anyone that knows how to integrate hue’s scenes into a selection item?

Or is this just not possible through the openhab binding right now? (It looks possible from the hue developer website…)

Jason, looking for this also. Would be extremely helpful!


I would love to see that, too

And even better some scripts that would act like the famous goldee app (that was stopped).
This app had some really nice, relaxing color changing effects.
But the Data for those smooth effects was server based.
Since goldee was discontinued, the data source is lost.

I think openhab could do the same thing if all commands would be supported within the binding
(like change color from a to b in a defined time-frame). openhab then would fire the commands to the hue bridge.
No further device needed (goldee needed the iOS App to be open and online while displaying those effects).


Use case: while pushing a physical light switch button (knx) a predefined Hue scene is activated.


  • Hue is running
  • KNX is running
  • openhab is running

Important feature to keep my WAF high otherwise smarthome budget will be reduced :wink:

In the last days I created a rule that fullfils my use cases.

  • in KNX create a group address where the physical switch is linked (only the button, no link to any actor)
  • create a rule that reacts on commands that were sent by the switch
  • define in the rule which Hue should go on or, should be dimmed, color, temperature, etc.

Let me know if you want to know further details.


Hi Jonny, can you share your Hue Scene rules? Casper

Hi @casper

everything that I did is described in my previous posting. My “rule” (as far as one can call this a “rule”) does nothing else than connecting KNX commands with Hue items.

It is like “if KNX switch ABC receives command ON than send command “ON” to Hue bulb XYZ”.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Johnny, I was hoping to find a wat to use animations. Cheers Casper