iCloud Account - COMMUNICATION_ERROR - iCloud response invalid: null

Hello all,

since today I receive the error message “iCloud response invalid: null”
Am I the only one?
I’m using
274 │ Active │ 80 │ 3.3.0 │ openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: iCloud Binding


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There is already an open issue for that.


Me: maybe I should install the iCloud binding…
iCloud binding: oh crap! /stopsworking

Edit: Alright, got the same issue indeed. Cool that someone already created the issue on github, ill follow it to test it as well.

Pedro, sorry, but this post has absolutely no relevant or usefull information.
As nothing has changed within the binding code, not in openHAB 3.3 and not in 3.2 AFAIK, it seems that Apple changed something which the binding developer has to investigate.

It’s a joke Merk…
Just a joke….

I know, but it can lead into the wrong direction.
Non native speakers might think that the binding is not working, which in general is not the fact.

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Already commented this on the issue.
My things received a last update around midnight of 2022-07-07.

Could this be related this same (and repeated) issue @Trinitus01 ?

This fix is already included, but actual issue might have the same root cause….

On GitHub they already found a fix by editing two lines of code.
How can i apply that fix? Or where is that file that has to be editied.

Thanks in advance.

A link to the updated binding can be found here.

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I have tried the new snapshop and first everything was working with iCloud. Since today AGAIN nothing works. Really annoying how much time I have to spend to get all of this working. I am running OpenHAB 3.4.0Spap in a docker container and configured nginx as proxy as well as mosquitto as mqtt broker. Since I am running docker desktop I also had to configure usbipd to get the serial port giong. Wow, really complex and not really fault tolerant. I am thinking to switch to something easier to maintain.

Seems that something was changed at the iCloud end as several other users reported a problem as well.
See iCloud Binding Communication Error - #362 by RalphSester and following posts.

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Thanks Wolfgang,
do you think the authentication problem could be avoided using an app token?

sorry, I am not involved in that binding thus I cannot answer this question.

Hi Wolfgang,
sorry for asking stupid questions - am new here and want to get more involved and help fixing the problem. So who do I need to contact/which group do I need to join? It seems that Apple is making it real difficult to be used in automation projects as they seem to change things consistently in a way that after any 3month what used to work doesn’t anymore.

Wish I had the expertise to help with this one. For the time being I’ve switched to using oh switch items exposed to homekit and triggered by homekit automations which seems to work fine.

When the time comes I’d be happy to help test though.


He Joe :-),
well, I am not that experienced either but I just hate when something that used to work just fine gets an error due to changes “on the other side”. Since you mentioned homekit: Can you post an example how one can use metadata in OH to get discovered by homekit? Never got that to work (haven’t tried much either).

Sure. It’s pretty straightforward, although I’m always open to there being a better way. Assuming you have the homekit integration working…

  • create a new item in your model of type switch. I called it something like ‘MyiPhonePresence’
  • assign the item also a class value of status, and a semantic property of presence if you want it to work with the semantic model (ie. have it show up in the properties tab as a ‘Presence’ and work with badges on the locations tab)
  • in openhab give the item the apple homekit metadata tag ‘switchable’, then restart openhab
  • item MyiPhonePresence should then show up on your default room in homekit
  • you’ll need to add 2 automations in homekit to control MyiPhonePresence…turn on when I arrive home and turn off when I leave home

Homekit should now be controlling the state of MyiPhonePresence in openhab. Final step would be to create openhab rules triggering on MyiPhonePresence state to do whatever you want to do when you arrive or leave. Rinse and repeat for any other homekit users you are sharing with.