Icon set suitable for smart home

Could this iconset as in the link below be available in openHAB?


Is there any way to install these icons yourself?

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You can use any custom icons

But why can’t they be available out of the box?
Do users really have to waste time looking for icons because the default ones do not keep up with interface changes or are not suitable for the application?

I tried custom icons but it doesn’t work very well with custom widgets. The icons don’t scale like the F7 or Material icons, they can’t change color.

mdi icons are available, just try

 icon: iconify:mdi:(icon name)

I am using mdi icons in the connected car widgets.

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That works. Thanks.
Where they are cached, on openHAB or browser side?

But still, why can’t such a set of icons be built-in? Isn’t it better suited to smart home software?


They are not built in, because of the size of the whole package

It’s important to note that you need an internet connection to fetch the icons initially from https://api.iconify.design , so you need to trust the service as well. If you don’t, or want everything locally, I’ll provide an alternative below.

Both things can change any time. You are hosting your own service but making it dependent on others.

What if I don’t want to rely on a remote service to display my icons?

You will have to use almost same icon for all your appliances or make new widget (with hard coded icon) for each one. Isn’t?

Please see the icons from my links. There are many more useful icons there, much less than in iconify but without comparison more than in F7 and current material.
The zip file you can download there is 2.1MiB

The F7 and material icons are in font form?
If so, isn’t it enough to replace three or four files in the org.openhab.ui-x.x.x.jar file
Is there anything else that needs changing?

Please understand that the internet is full of free icons but using them requires time to find and use them properly.

As it was nicely done in HABPanel.

@ysc Perhaps you can elaborate a bit more….

hello, being new I have some problems, specified this … how and where do I create and put a script? I read that you need to script the icons but I don’t know where to start.
thank you

Please elaborate what you are trying to accomplish and show as, what you have already tried.

I would like to have more icons available, but being at the beginning I don’t know how to do it, for example how to make a script and where should it be saved?

What script ?
Icon usage is described in the announcement i linked.

i have seen but not knowing how to create a script, i am asking for help

If you are just starting out with openHAB then try using the built-in icons. It will be much easier that way.

We unfortunately don’t know what script you saw and what it was supposed to do.

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OK thanks anyway

It is also no rocket sience to use your own icons.

Depending on your operation system you just put the icon (e.g. test.svg) in the folder: $OPENHAB_CONF/icons/classic/
When using OH3 and the mainUI you just link the icon with e.g. oh:test to your widget:

Anything else you need to know?

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Not much more that what has been said in


For now I’m happy to delegate icons to Iconify with the caveat that the service could stop at any time.
But I also noted that their icon collection and their API backend are open source so we could serve icons from an icons.openhab.org domain or whatever. If you want to run your own iconify server then it’s not supported right now but it could be. And if you want a particular icon to be defined locally then I provided info to do that in my announcement post.

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Thanks, I try

One day users will be in for an unpleasant surprise. You will have to set icons from scratch because some random server on the internet went down.
Why even install openHAB on your own hardware when it will be dependent on others anyway?

I completely fail to understand why the built-in icons are completely inappropriate for the purpose of openHAB.

I am looking forward to it. Another thing to configure. :frowning:

My guess. Most users don’t need thousands of icons, just a small number but suited to the application.
Please tell me how many of the currently available icons are suitable for visualizing smart home devices?

The F7 and material icons fit well with the new openHAB interface, they show up well on a light theme on a computer and a dark theme on a smartphone. They scale well. They can change colour as required. They are available immediately.
Is it the same with the old icons and the custom ones?

Never mind. Home Assistant is already installed. The zigbe2mqtt devices added with no problem. Homematic too. And they can work on both systems for now.
Only the Z-wave needs to remain plugged into only openHAB.

I will see what will be faster. To learn how to configure Home Asisstant from scratch or to get an easy to configure (with appropriate icons) user interface in openHAB.
Even zigbee2mqtt can display a usable dashboard without any configuration.

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After years of Openhab - I installed Home Assistant side by side…sorry Openhab - HomeAssistant wins hands down. Now if I was like the core maintainers a professional programmer…of course Openhab is more powerful but misses the point and why HomeAssistant seems to pulling ahead - the end user experience is primary - Openhab now feels more like the increasingly corner case catering to its power users/developers (which is absolutely a legit goal)
The inflection point for me was in the MQTT binding transition. With the rewrite David chose to not add documentation for direct file based configuration. You had to hunt to find it in the source instead of in the documentation link. Why? Because no one should be using file based configuration. The majority of the other bindings documented what was needed for file based configurations in the documentation page- just an arbitrary decision at the caprice of the developer.
Ironically I had been considering being a sustaining member at that point (nothing good is really free) but decided against it as my gut told me things would work towards another solution taking the lead.
HomeAssistant as little as two years ago wouldnt have been viable but now its not only viable but in many ways more powerful (in terms of skillset to value of time spent configuring)
For the time being I will keep both running at the same time. The Wife Approval Factor won out on Home Assistant. She said the default Openhab app style looked like 1995 and the HomeAssistant app looked very modern (and i could change it from my phone while she showed me what she wanted changed)
@rlkoshak and others are just fantastic folks and I only wish them well and thank them for the information and the great fun I have had over the years with Openhab.