Image not getting displayed in habpanel viewer

Hi i am not able to display the image in the openhab app and also in the habpanel viewer. can anyone guide me with how to get a image in the habpanel viewer. I am able to browse the Image URL of the IP cameras in the google chrome and also in IE. But I am not getting image displayed in the habpanel viewer. please i need help.

Does your camera have a user and password? If so you will need to use the ipCamera binding which is not yet merged and can be found by searching this forum. Your browser probably saves cookies with the credentials or something like that and habpanel and a lot of browsers do not support what is called embedded credentials.
this means you can not use http://user:pass@ it will not work.

My IP camera has the user name and password fot it. I have used the IPCamera Binding found in this forum itself. Here is the link from the forum i have taken the binding from " IpCamera: New IP Camera Binding". I tried to opening Hapanel from the Google Chrome and it displays the image/video properly as seen in “IMAGE 1”. I have installed the Openhab App in my tablet from the play store and tried to open the Habpanel in my app. It is not displaying image/video as seen in “IMAGE 2”. Can you please let me know how to resolve this issue. I wanted my image/video to be displayed in my openhab app as well.

please find the images attached below:

Need more details about what you are trying to do? What URL are you giving habpanel?

well I will let you know in detailed form. In the habpanel design, I am using a default image widget for displaying image from the IP cameras obtained as seen in ‘IMAGE 3’ . Next I am adding the URL of the IP Cameras to view the video in the settings of the image widget and saving it as shown in the "IMAGE 4’ . Then i go to google chrome and browse the above URL , I get the video from the IP camera displaying. Next I run the Habpanel using the URL in the google chrome and get the video as attached in ‘IMAGE 1’.I have installed the Openhab App in my android tablet from the play store and tried to open the Habpanel created by me , It is not displaying video in my android tablet as seen in “IMAGE 2”. My query is that the Habpanel is not displaying the video when I open the Habpanel in the android tablet. But , when I try to open it from the google Chrome video is getting displayed. I want the video to be displayed in the habpanel of the android tablet in the same manner however it is displaying in habpanel that is opened in google chrome.

your using a mjpeg stream into a widget designed for a static picture. Try this one instead…

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thanks, its works fine in habpanel. but still I am not able to see the image in my android tablet. Is there any solution for fixing in my android tablet??

You need to use the URLs from the ipcamera and not from the camera directly. A lot of browsers don’t have support for embedded credentials and/or it may be a cookie making it work that the other does not support. Use the binding.

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thanks for the update. Its worked well. Also, can I display a Live video from the ipcamera in the habpanel. Is there any widget to display LIVE video from the IPCamera?