Inclusion of ZWave Everspring SF812 smoke-detector /w habmin

Hi @all,

Has anyone succeed to include an Everspring SF812 smoke detector to the z-wave network?
The device Node is allocated in the z-wave device tree and I can see it as NodeXY in habmin/habmin2.
But the device will never publish its configuration data. Not even after certain days waiting time for healing/configuration.
As long as the configuration is not known by habmin, the NodeXY.xml in etc/zwave is not created.

Interesting fact, the OZWCP does recognize it and I can read at least battery state and alarm state (e.g. the tamper event).

I use the habmin and z-wave bindings as delivered with the habmin package.

Maybe someone of you has an idea how I can achieve to get the required XML configuration of this smoke detector.

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I’ve made EXACTLY the same experience than you!
node.xml was created just once during first initialization (which took me hours), but during an OH update it was lost and never seen again. Normally the xml files are created during restart, but not with this device.
I never got battery level readings nor tamper alarms.
BUT I get the smoke alarm, even with no xml file.

My items:

Contact    SF812_1_C    "Sensoralarm Smoke [%s]"    <fire>    (gTest)        { zwave="2:command=sensor_alarm" }
Number    SF812_1_N    "Smoke Detector: [%d %%]"    <wss3_battery>    (gBattery)        { zwave="2:command=battery" }

I’ve found some information a long time ago that this is normal behavior, but did not bookmark it, sorry.
So it works for the smoke alarm, but otherwise this device is a piece of crap.

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I’ve found it, read no. #170 and #174.

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Hi sihui,

Many thanks for your quick reply.
Then I will give them a try by triggering an smoke alarm by the test-button and to check whether the system behaves as expected.