Initialize , Heal, Re-Start cause lock door to open door?


A strange behavior that repeated twice:
once a month (?) or few weeks/days, at a certain point all the connected devices change their state to ON then after a minute to OFF.
The impact is low on electricity plug for night light, but it is a killer for the door lock - that causes the door to open.

Anyone knows why it happens?
Is it an OpenHAB setting/config I can change? Heal? Initialize?


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I’m sure there was another similar incident too,but cannot find it now. Common theme not established yet.
Are you using Alexa?
Do you have a full-time tablet or similar openHAB UI display?

I do not use Alexa or full-time tablet, my guess now is: the Z-Wave Controller has a Healing time in OH, and if you heal maybe that “reset” the devices connected to the controller which means change the state and change it back. I really don’t know if this is the issue, but I set the healing on the controller in OH to: Disable. Now I will observe and I expect it to never happen again…or it is not the answer.

First mention of zwave. Is your “all devices” problem confined to zwave devices?
Yes, a nightly heal can produce odd effects - typically some zwave device Items just get a NULL state, no spontaneous commands. But that unexpected NULL can cause knock-on effects in rules that do not handle it gracefully. There would be a tell-tale trail of Thing activity in the events.log for this. (causing linked Items to re-initialize to NULL).

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