Integrate Danalock via Z-Wave

I assume that you mean this paragraph? I’m just wondering how the exclusion is supposed to take place if the stick is no longer connected, so how is a signal supposed to arrive at the lock?

Exclusion: Delete the lock from the app before you exclude. Otherwise it won’t work. Exclusion is successful when the green light stops lightning immediately. If you use the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 it is easier to exclude with the USB stick detached. Inclusion of course with the stick attached to the PC. You can use any kind of controller to exclude - no matter with which controller it has been paired before.

I don’t think that will help, because I also tried to include the lock without the app, which didn’t work either.

Yes. Up above you said you had an Aeotec stick. They all have internal battery to send exclusion signals without being connected to a server/power. I’m still stuck on the idea that the zwave info (from previous attempts with the app or with OH) has not been cleared from the lock

edit: As a side note you can generally include any device with a detached Aeotec zstick except for devices that include security (like your lock). It is not recommended because it is better to have OH perform the inclusion (sometimes using a detached Aeotec Zstick has problems with inclusion)

Ok, I didn’t know that the stick has a battery. But where do I start the exclusion? In OH it makes no sense if the stick is no longer connected.

By the way, this is the stick I have. Does this one actually have a battery as well? It doesn’t say anything about it in the description. Is there another stick that you can recommend?

Maybe you have a different model, but there should be a button (that flashes color) hit once to get flashing blue (include) hit again to get flashing yellow (exclude). Do you have that? If yes get to the flashing yellow and poke the switch on the lock. If this works, there should be a solid yellow for a few seconds

Nevermind I thought you had the actual aeotec zstick. Your does not have a battery

Unfortunately, the stick has no button :frowning:

@apella12 Would that be a better model?

Sorry. That feature comes in handy from time to time, but I would not bother buying one. All controllers are basically the same otherwise.

This leaves excluding through OH. I know you are at the end of your rope, but i’ll suggest this anyway.

  1. remove from App (if not already)
  2. Set the binding to Debug in karaf, keep OH running
  3. on the controller UI page, click exclude devices, then yes
  4. Poke the switch on the lock
  5. wait 30 seconds
  6. post Debug log

This should confirm something or not :wink:

PS: I’m going to have to step out for a bit

It might be a timing problem, possibly specific to your ZMEEUZB1:

Advice from @chris in Openhab3 with I'd lock 150 zwave might be relevant (narrow time window, OH should not be busy during inclusion).

Replacing the Z-Wave controller with another brand could be the last resort, e. g.