Items, Things and their names

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I had a pretty functional openhab 1 setup, and I’ve been slowly (whenever time permits :wink: ) moving it all over to OH2.

Generally, I have all my apartment lights done with a combination of Hue bulbs, plus the occasional Homematic relay. I have two 16 channel Sainsmart relay boards connected to raspberry pis that control a slightly obscene number of 12v bulbs in my garden, as well as 4 little 12v valves for my drip irrigation / urban gardening adventure.

OH2’s auto discovery and adding of items (and things) is a pretty cool, but then I end up with atrocious names for items like: homematic_HG_HM_LC_Sw2_FM_FF16A4D6_9099_560F_C888_A36C2D80DEA5_LEQ1319003_1_STATE

and this rather than something like relay_bathroom_mirrorlight or something a little more palpable, esp. when building rules.

I’m assuming I’m a complete moron, and there is an easy way to rename these things? I’ve got Habmin running, but it seems like it doesn’t want to let me change the names in some of these.


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You have to do it by creating new item links in the Thing Configuration in Habmin. If you go to the Channels tab, identify the channel you want to use and then click the plus arrow on the right “add a new item and link it” You can create a new item with the correct naming convention. I’ve noticed that the default items it creates always link back to the device in the Groups so I always do this in addition to setting my other related groups. Not sure if that is necessary or not. After the new item is in place I always fully delete the old item (vs. just unlinking it).

@chris - I was going to post a suggestion that it would be helpful if we could rename the default items vs. going through the extra steps.

Ah, right, makes sense.

I don’t know what you mean by this, but feel free to suggest :wink:.

@chris The suggestion is to make the Item Name editable in the Items Configuration details screen and/or on the Edit Items screen on the Channel section of the Thing Configuration.


I don’t think you can’t change an item name once it’s created - if you change it, you will create a new item - as I understand it, it should be immutable.

HABmin allows you to set the name if you create a new item, but it doesn’t allow you to change an existing item name for this reason.

This makes sense, the Paper UI works the same way. The item name is considered a unique id, what is mutable is the item label.

Thanks @chris @ kai. Any way to add a step in the process of discovery to allow a user to name the item at time of creation to avoid the extra step of deleting / adding an item?

Yes: PaperUI: Configuration->Services->System->Linking Mode -> disable “Simple Mode”, then refresh the browser. From now on, no items will be created for you, but when clicking on a channel you can either link it to an existing item or you create a new one.

oh, this answers a lot of the thread.

i think, after i figure it all out, I’m going to start contributing some docs and examples. :wink:

@Kai Thanks for the guidance

Sorry that this isn’t yet anywhere documented - I am aware that this needs to be urgently done :open_mouth:

Totally understandable given how busy you are working on the new release. Thanks for all your hard work.

I ditto that, and hope that my response wasn’t in any way viewed as sarcastic or anything. I just want to help!

@Kai: is it possible to set this setting Configuration->Services->System->Linking Mode -> disable “Simple Mode” in a configuration file ?
I which file and how ?

Yes, it is and I finally added it here!

Cool, thank you.

very interesting post, i was looking for this.
Just a question, there is no difference about id and name(tg, descriptjon) of object?
I think will be better if ID will be always same and name can be renamed by the end-user (like Kitchen - temperature). Automatic link from zwave created “Temperature”

For me, delete/add for all link is fine, but if we would like to create a software for non IT-User, this will be usefull.
What do you think?

Thank you @Kai and @chris

I found on Habmin, but it give me an error: