Jfrog repo is down, can't install OH nor add-ons


W: Failed to fetch https://openhab.jfrog.io/artifactory/openhab-linuxpkg/dists/stable/InRelease  502  Bad Gateway [IP: 443]

it’s just me or somebody else as well?


Yes, looks like it went down about 3 hours ago and has not come back up. Its been really flaky the last few days, but has always come back up after a few mins. I’ll see what we can do.

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You can also track it here if in doubt:


As a short term work around you can download the addons kar file from Download openHAB | openHAB. That can keep you going until jfrog comes back.

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I’m unable to download the addons kar file from the Download page as it’s also hosted on openhab.jfrog.io. Do you know of another host/mirror I could use?


Maybe I was just lucky. I was able to download the latest snapshot version for Linux. I just did it again and it worked. Maybe only the milestone or release version isn’t working.

Doh, that’s right. The snapshots are not hosted on Jfrog. That’s why it works.

Ah yeah that makes sense. Oh well, I’ll hang on for the jfrog repo coming back online.


Hi Dan.

Any update on this?
Looks like its been offline for more than 24hrs.



thank you all for responses

Is there any news on the repo server?

Just to make everyone aware. JFrog is not our service so we likely have limited ability to fix this problem if it’s more than just something than a configuration change or a restart of the service requires.

JFrog itself has been finding and fixing “degraded cloud performance for some of our customers” for the past couple of days, most recently this morning which was theoretically fixed at 07:54 UTC today. Though it’s still reporting a partial outage in the AWS USE1 region (I’ve no idea what region the openHAB stuff is hosted). See https://status.jfrog.io/.

Finally, We are all aware of the problem. Dan is doing what he can and I expect he’ll report back here when there is something to report.


What happened with 99.999% uptime!!!

I was working on my OpenHab setup (adding Bluetooth binding) yesterday and decided to run

openhab-cli clean-cache

without realizing repository was down, big mistake!!! My Openhab startup is stocked trying to download bindings from jfrog every 5 minutes.

I learned a valuable lesson - Don’t mess up with OpenHab without checking repository status first!!! I do have daily backup but I don’t wan to restore and lose my changes.

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We have a ticket opened up with Jfrog, but have not heard anything back yet, we will continue to ping them on the status.


I just installed a new openhab docker container. On adding the bindings (eg zwave) I got the bad gateway error. Now temporarily switching to Domoticz :frowning: I hope it will be back soon as more than 30 hours unavailable is a bit long…
Checking https://status.openhab.org/ regularly.

@kriznik, with your permission I’d like to change the name of this post to “Error downloading addon: Repo is offline” because clearly people are missing this thread with the current title.

Would somebody be so kind and share the openhab-addons-3.3.0.kar file please? My whole smart home is down because of this outage.

This makes me wonder, is there any way for in the future to have a domain not directly linked to the primary repository and have some sort of redundant repository option or at least have the ability to move it easily?

Been a few hours now - so if you’re in a pinch for some reason - some of the CI jobs retain artifacts outside of JFrog - but you have to browse the workspace build artifacts from the job. (Eg this is the 3.4.0.M2 addon kar):


All the milestone pipelines are here:


But not all of them will retain artifacts/workspaces.

Worst case - clone/download the source at the revision you’re looking for and compile the kar on your own - eg grab the source for addons from the github repo tagged at the release you need and run the compilation steps ( see the README) :

You can drop the assembled kar file in the addons folder and you should be back in business.


The outage also causes openhabian installations to not work at the moment.

(Small sidenote: the outages reported by jfrog vs the ones on the openhab status page do not fully correlate)

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