Just being curious: How do you group your items in your sitemaps?

I’m asking myself how’s everyone organized because I’m not happy about current my sitemap structure.
Currently it’s for me “location > …> … > item” for me, like “House > Lower Level > Lights > Light TV”

But oft is my way of thinking “I need to turn my light on” and then I think the way “Lights > Lower Level > Light TV” would be easier because I don’t have to think in the first row “where the heck do I find my lights”. Surely I could create a “favorite group” at the top level to add there the mostly used items a second time, but my inner monk voted against this mess :wink:

So, how about you? How is your sitemap hierarchy structured? Thanks!

There are a couple of threads on this. Some also post up their configs on github for people to view etc.


The answer is 42 or depends. With the app i organize things by function. So there is an area lighting with all the lights in the house and an areas für plant care and and and

This year i plan to move to habpanel and there it might be a mixture.

So ther is no real answer.


Thank you all! Will read through the example links from above.

Bear in mind you can do both; the same Items can appear in different logical groupings. So you can have a ‘lights’ section leading on to lights, and a ‘ground floor’ section leading to some of the same lights.

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